Oct 5, 2010

R&B singer Mario tells UsMagazine.com that he isn't "allowed to comment" on his recent arrest for allegedly assaulting his mother, but wants to make one thing clear: "I love my mother very much."

Mario, 24, was charged with second-degree assault Friday after his mother, Shawntia Hardaway, told police that she feared for her life after he shoved her, yelled at her and damaged property in their Baltimore apartment.

A source tells Us the fight allegedly broke out because of her lifelong battle with drugs. The source says Mario learned his mother had withdrawn money from his bank account to support her habit and also charged up his credit cards. When he got home, he found her "cracked out on drugs," the source says.

Though he was taken into custody, the source says the singer did nothing wrong; he was only trying to help calm his mother down. The source suspects all charges will be dropped.

Says Mario, "I will continue to support her any way that I can."
This is a very tricky situation for Mario.  Having dealt with a family member that was addicted to drugs, my heart definitely go out to him.  He doesn't want to give up on his mother because she is his mother, but eventually he is going to have to make a tough decision.  It's either going to be him or his mother.  He can't force his mother to get help.  She has to want the help.  She has to take that first step on her own.  It's going to be one of the hardest things he's ever had to do, but one of the hardest things to avoid when you are trying to save a drowning person is not to drown with them.  His mother is drowning and he has to make sure he doesn't drown with her.  He can continue to fight for his mom, but if she doesn't want the help there is nothing he can do short of praying.


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