Nov 6, 2010

If you went to see the movie please share with us what you thought.


  1. I did see the movie after much contemplating about it. I understand there is alot of pain out there but sometimes the visual images are too much for me so I wasn't so sure I wanted to see the movie knowing that they were going to be dealing with some heavy issues.

    What made me go see it was the star-studded cast. I really wanted to see them perform. I liked the movie. I thought the performances were pretty good. I'm not crazy about how they went in and out of prose. I'd say Phylicia Rashad did that the best. I absolutely love her.

    Janet's character...I wish they would've made it more unique versus a replica of Meryl Streep.

    I won't get overly critical of certain things as I have a tendency to be hard on movies. I would recommend it because TP did a good job with it.

  2. I think this movie was one of Tyler's best. I couldn't see him messing this one up, just because all of the words were already written for him by Ntozake. I enjoyed the actresses going in and out of prose, because it really brought out the message in each scene. If a person had not read the book or saw the stage play, it would be kind of hard to understand where he was going at times. The movie dealt with a lot of issues that a lot of women were going through in the 70's and are still going through today. It is extremely heavy, but I would recommend going to see it.