Nov 19, 2010

Although I won't be making it to the Classic this year :-(, I thought it would be cool to share my alma mater's new fight song.  Here's a little history on how the new fight song came about:
With the annual Florida Classic looming, Dr. James Ammons made a request of Dr. Julian White.

Florida A&M's president wanted the director of the Marching 100 to come up with a signature fight song that's catchier than arch-rival Bethune-Cookman University's "Let's Go Wildcats."

Mission accomplished — provided everyone in Rattlerville can commit the words to memory.

Diron Holloway, assistant band director and director of the woodwind section, wrote the song and lyrics to "Get up for the Rattlers," with an assist from White. It was unveiled at FAMU's Homecoming convocation and will be played numerous times during Saturday's classic showdown in Orlando.

"The band members love it. It's exciting," White said. "We wanted to create another spirited fight song that's up to date, one that has a little more energy and drive."

At the convocation, wallet-size cheat sheets were distributed with the lyrics to the new song. source

Here are the lyrics to the new fight song:
We came to have some fun; the party has just begun

(Ladies: Just Begun)

And you know we're number one; Gotta get up now.

This is the rattler Show, Around & Around we go

(Ladies: Round We Go)

And we 'bout to strike you know, Gotta Get Up Now.

Gotta Get Up, Get Up, For the Rattlers!

GO RATTLERS......................STRIKE, STRIKE, AND STRIKE AGAIN!!!!!!!!


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