Nov 11, 2010

This is the interview that had Kanye West fired up on Twitter. The drama pops off around the 2:30 mark. Matt Lauer tried to do his best to explain his part in the interview and why it was set up the way it was, but it still came across a little condescending on his part. I'm not a Kanye defender, but I'm definitely not a fan of Matt Lauer's. I've never found him to be a great interviewer and he proved it with this interview as well as with the interview with President Bush.

Here is what Kanye wrote on Twitter:


  1. I actually like Matt Lauer and his interviewing. I saw the interview this morning. I thought it was strange for him to ask Kanye to look at Bush's face to see how upset he me that was like scolding a child and unnecessary. But for Kanye to just get so upset about them showing the MTV clip...I didn't quite understand. That's what they do in TV all the time.

    He could be more sensitive and perhaps embarrassed by his actions and not want to see the visual that I can understand. But to think it was some setup unique to him is far reaching on Kanye's part.