Nov 29, 2010

ATLANTA -- While people were stuffing themselves with turkey and dressing over Thanksgiving, Montell Jordan was coming to peace with a major career change.

For more than a decade he's been known as the backwards-hat wearing hip hop artist behind the Grammy-nominated, mega-hit "This is How We Do It".

All that will change after his final concert New Year's Eve. After that, Jordan says he will only step foot on one stage, the dais of World Victory Church in Norcross.

"It's just been an amazing career. And it has been great," Jordan said, returning from a three-city swing, one of hihis last. "But it's a calling that's probably been with me all my life since I was a child. And I've known it. A lot of people in the business know it and have the same calling but that leap of faith is difficult."

The day before Thanksgiving, Jordan broke the news through a litany of tweets on his Twitter account.

"The teaching at that church is very strong and it's very real. It's a practical, multi-cultural church, multi generational," Jordan said. "You're there worshipping with different people of different nationalities different ages and that's my idea of what heaven really looks like."

Jordan says he has no problem borrowing from his charisma and fame as a singer to help bring more people into the faith.

"I've travelled all over the world and I know there are a lot of people out there who are hungry for God and I think I have an opportunity not just to reach people who know God and also people who don't know God."

Jordan has yet announce a location for his final concert.

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  1. Wow! World Victory is an awesome church. I used to attend there before my family moved to the south side of Atlanta.