Dec 1, 2010


What is Digital Sisterhood?

Did you know women represent 87.1 million of the total U.S. adult online population (163.8 million) in 2010? According to the BlogHer-iVillage 2010 Social Media Matters Study, co-sponsored by Ketchum and the Nielsen Company, there are 67.5 million women (18 to 76 years old) out of 126.9 million social media users in the U.S. Now that's digital sisterhood!

Digital sisterhood is the feminine currency women use to create relationship wealth through the connections they make, conversations they have, communities they build, causes they support, collaborative partnerships they establish, and commerce they engage in with women they meet online and offline. The relationship wealth of digital sisterhood is based on what women care about and their shared interests and experiences.  This wealth supports women as they stand in their own power and reclaim themselves online and offline.  When they do so, they move with a power not seen before. It is rooted in women being fully,

P – Present when they

O – Own their lives as

W – Women who believe they have

E – Everything they need to live out their

R – Revolution of authenticity.

May all women know their investment in themselves and each other will yield a high return!

(Excerpt from Digital Sisterhood by Ananda Leeke. Copyright 2010-2011 by Madelyn C. Leeke. All Rights Reserved.)

Please visit Ananda's website and learn how you can get involve in 'Digital Sisterhood Month'.

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  1. Thanks so much for the Sistalove Support. Happy Digital Sisterhood Month.