Dec 22, 2010

This must be the season for the Side Chick because they are coming up big in '10.  First Rielle Hunter, then Gabby Union, then Alicia Keys and now Fantasia.
There's been a major win for singer Fantasia, with a North Carolina court finding the married man who impregnated her was actually separated from his wife at the time of their love affair.
has learned a judge ruled in favor of Antwaun Cook in his divorce proceeding against ex-wife Paula.

The court found the pair's separation date was September 14, 2009 -- not June, 2010, as Paula had claimed.

As first reported, Fantasia took the witness stand in the case last month, where she admitted to having an abortion with Antwaun's child.

"Did you tell Mr. Cook you aborted his child?" the singer was asked on November 22.

"I did, yeah," Fantasia responded.

The former American Idol winner was then asked when she aborted the baby, to which she admitted: "It hasn't been too long ago.


  1. Well, I hope that she has learned her lesson about married men. Separated and divorced are not the same thing people!! You can't be claiming to be a Christian and dating men that are still married. It's adultery.

    Personally, I did feel like Paula was going after her just to get rich quick, but Fantasia & her lover were still in the wrong. I guess they got saved by the separation of church & state on this one.

  2. The judge knew Fantasia was broke and slow so he helped her out!