Dec 11, 2010

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and rapper Lupe Fiasco were on hand at Drexel University to discuss the future of Hip Hop. There was a lot of thought provoking comments during the discussion. Lupe offered an insight into the music industry that many on the outside are rarely allowed to see. We, as consumers, see the end product, but rarely are we allowed the chance to hear what it takes to get to that point.

Please take note of the 360 deal Lupe was talking about. People go into the music industry and think it's all glamorous and what not, but actually there is some shady stuff going on. Just think about it, all the artists who refuse to go along with the machine we label them crazy i.e. Lauryn Hill and Kanye West.

***Side Note***
Real talk...I think I just fell in love with Lupe Fiasco. I always knew the brother was deep (I own his music), but I was really impressed by hearing him speak.

Lupe Dicusses Women in Hip Hop and the Institutionalization of the Music Industry

Lupe on the affect of Consumerism on Music

Michael Eric Dyson on Kanye West

Lupe on the Illuminati


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