Dec 6, 2010

Steve Harvey is going to tell you black women how to get the love you need for the new year.  Interesting...


  1. I don't know that he is going to say anything that hasn't already been said.

    I have mixed feelings about his role as a "relationship expert." I think he makes some valid points. But only addressing women makes this whole conversation one-sided. We get the message about the type of men we should want; but I'd like to hear about conversations with the brothas about the type of woemn that should want.

  2. I agree with Johanna. How many books by him do we need? Can he really tell us what it takes to get a man and keep a man? If so, wouldn't the first book have been enough? If he really care, he could help us out by writing books for men to teach them how to treat us better. But he doesn't because women buy books and we are always searching for answers. And this in not to say he doesn't have good advice. He does but its not new. We wrote a response to Harvey's book called "Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man? How to Think Like a Lady and Still Get the Man", it is the woman's point of view on dating issues and lessons learned and we respond to a few of Harvey's suggested advice. See chapter excerpts at, our book is available on Amazon, at Borders and Barnes and Noble.