Jan 28, 2011

What makes the Black Woman Beautiful? from Beautiful Woman on Vimeo.

This documentary was presented at the 2010 "You're Beautiful, Woman" in Europe. It was made by renowned film producer and film maker, Isaac Asha Tomiczek. The documentary tackles the thought-provoking, controversial and often sensitive issue of beauty and black women’s experience of beauty. This goes beyond race or racial stereo-typing but deals with an issue which is so often overlooked by mainstream society. At the same time it is a real reflection of the struggles that all women, regardless of age, experience, race and background, have to deal with in the acceptance of their own identities.

The film will not only feature women from all backgrounds including the critically acclaimed Shingai Shoniwa (The Noisettes), Zaraah Abraham, Judith Jacob, Angie Le Mar, DJ MistaJam, Jasmia Robinson (Britain’s Next Top Model Finalist), Des O'Connor (the UK’s only black dating coach) and the Dream Team (Maggi Udofia, Ronke Lawal, Lillian Ogbogoh, Ronke Adeyemi, Sophia A Jackson and Angel Smith) but men too. A provocative and inspirational film which will leave a resonating imprint in the minds of the many who watch and the few who never understood “What makes the black woman beautiful”.

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  1. I think we need more films like these. Too many times our young Black girls are told that they are not beautiful and that's not true. I think the documentary is good for boys as well because they seem to be under the mindset that Black girls and women are only about drama and attitude.

    It's time we break the stereotype and change the mind sets of our young people and even some of our older people!