Jan 22, 2011

Via TheYBF:

Mary Harvey, Steve's former wife of 16 years, is now partaking in Youtubery to blast her ex husband about what kind of man he really is. Grab ya popcorn. Deets and an EXPLICIT letter from one of his mistresses when you read on!

Mary Harvey, a former cosmetics associate, wants you all to know that the uber successful radio host/"relationship expert"/comedian/actor/author that we all know as Steve Harvey is not the same man she married several years ago. And to the public, he's acting like a stand-up guy that he really is not, at least not to her.

Here's a video of her detailing Steve's cheating habits with his mistresses--including one chick who sent a letter to Mary about condoms on the nightstand--and how he cheated on Mary with his current wife Marjorie. Of course, it is well known that Marjorie was originally Steve's other woman. But who knew she called Mary and Steve's house during their cheating escapades as if she had every right to enter the marriage?


Mary says Marjorie called their marital home claiming to be "checking up on" her application to work at Steve's suit company. Mary responded, "Well I don't believe I'm taking applications in my kitchen." WOMP.

- Mary said she once confronted Marjorie.

- Mary received a CONFIDENTIAL letter from another of Steve's mistresses named Terry, while she was at the beauty shop. The letter was meant for Steve. And it detailed their cheating escapades, condom usage, hard core anal sex, and an abortion.

- Mary said she and Steve used to steal gas and save coins just to get him to his gigs in their poor and early days.

- Their son, Wynton who is now 12, almost died in childbirth and so did Mary. This was right after she found out Steve was cheating on her.

- She stayed with Steve even though she knew about the cheating because she wanted the family she had worked for and created, and wanted it for her kids.

Click here to watch the first video where Mary explains how she and Steve met.

At the end of the video it looks like Mary is preparing to release her own book. I'm pretty sure that one is going to be a bestseller.


  1. This is the dude you women are giving your hard earn money to for relationship advice. Getting relationship advice from Steve Harvey is like getting financial advice from Mike Tyson. How in the hell is he going to help you get your house in order when his house is a damn mess?

  2. I knew his past wasn't pretty and really wasn't interested in knowing the details of his past relationships. I've always been of the opinion that he messed over some women and now writing a book to empower women...that whole concept seemed contradictory. Not that he can't offer any sound advice. But the idea of him being an expert...never bought into that idea.

  3. It would not even cross my mind to spend my hard earned dough to buy a book on relationship advice by Steve Harvey. I just am not into him like that.

    Now that the other side of the story is being blasted, we'll see who has eyes and ears on the subject.