Jan 24, 2011

GIBill.com – a site with the latest information about the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, and more military education benefits news – is hosting a photo scholarship contest that's open to anyone currently using the GI Bill.  Contest participants submit a photo, along with a short caption explaining their reasons for going to school, in order to have a chance at winning a $500 scholarship. 


Foster City, CA (CISION) January 24, 2011 – GIBill.com, a site with the latest information about the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, and more military education benefits news, has officially launched "Declare Your Major," a scholarship contest to support servicemembers and veterans who are in pursuit of an education. 


Scholarship contest participants must submit a photo which best represents their desire to attend school, along with a short one to two sentence caption describing the image and how it connects to their goals.  GIBill.com will choose the two best photos and the winning participants will receive a $500 scholarship to be used at the school of the winner's choice.


"We recognize that servicemembers have academic ambitions and this is a creative way to provide them with assistance and help them achieve their educational goals," said GIBill.com spokesperson, Alisa Stoudt.  "Incorporating photos into a scholarship promotion is a great way for GIBill.com fans to visually connect with one another. And no matter if they're going to school for their families, careers, or just a better life, we're excited that the GIBill.com's 'Declare Your Major' photo contest can offer prize money with a purpose." 


GIBill.com's "Declare Your Major" photo scholarship contest launched January 24 and runs for four weeks. The contest concludes on February 18, when a panel of GIBill.com judges will review all submissions and select the ten best entries to post on the GIBill.com Facebook Page.  Though this will not determine the winners, fans will have the option to "Like" their favorite photo.  GIBill.com will announce the winner on February 22 via their official Twitter profile.    


"Veterans are a passionate community of people, and we're excited to have an opportunity to engage with them on a more personal level," Stoudt said.  "The 'Declare Your Major' contest is another way for us to learn more about our followers, their motivations, and what drives them to succeed."


Details about the GIBill.com "Declare Your Major" Photo Scholarship Contest can be found on the official contest rules page.


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