Jan 23, 2011

In her latest video to give her side of the story, Mary Harvey explains how Steve ended up with custody of their son and how he ended up with all the couple's money.

Via TheYBF:


- Steve moved on to Marjorie in a disturbingly quick fashion, never gave an explanation or apology to Mary.

- Steve had an apartment in New York that he neevr let Mary see, but Marjorie joined him there.

- Steve didn't show up to divorce hearing so Mary never had closure.

- Steve took their son, Wynton, from her and turned Wynton against her.

- Mary was evicted and thrown out of their home and left with NO money. He took everything from her.

- Mary claims Steve lied under oath saying he built his empire alone in order for her not to get a dime from him.

- She can't put this behind her because Steve is now suing her. He says MARY is the reason he did not get a show on Oprah's new OWN network.

- Mary is coming out with all of this now because Steve is dragging her name through the mud in the media and constantly brings her name up in interviews.

- Steve's lawyer prepared a letter of apology that he wanted her to sign saying she was responsible for anything bad about him and their marriage that ended up in the media. She had to take the blame for it.

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1 comment:

  1. This is one he said/she said battle that we may never know the truth about. Steve has admitted to not having a snow white past but to be honest, in the interviews I've read he's always been very vague or refused to go into detail about his ex-wife. So, I haven't really seen where he's been trying to drag her name through the mud.

    And the fact that she's just now coming out with all this now that he's doing well with his radio show, tv show and books is just suspect. Let the past be the past and keep it moving.