Jan 6, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius, one half of the dynamic duo that was Floetry, debuted her new music video for her single 'Far Away' off her new album 'Just Nights & Early Mornings'. The video takes on the issue of gay bashing and bullying in our society. This video exemplifies the power music has to tackle social ills within our society. The song in itself is beautiful, but there is something about the video that takes it to another level.

Here are the words from the message Marsha leaves at the end of the video:

"Dear friends, every year over 1 million people commit SUICIDE," she states. "Some were BULLIED because of their SEXUALITY. I lost a friend to SUICIDE, and I'm asking all of you to support alternative lifestyles. Don't put up with or join in with BULLYING. It's time we become more aware in this WORLD. Take a responsibility to make a difference. So if my MUSIC can save one life, I've done my job."

****Savvy Sista Two Scents****

This video is particular prolific to me because I had a friend in high school who came out to me when we were 15 years old. Years later he told me that I was the reason he didn't kill himself because I was so accepting of him. My mother even took him in when his mother kicked him out of the house. I vowed to myself that I would never play the part of accessory in the destruction of another human being. I don't pass judgment on people because I don't have a heaven or hell to put them in.

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  1. WOW. What can you say? Whether one is okay with "alternative lifestyles" or not, it's never okay to bully or harass someone because of his or her choices. People don't like the KKK but I've yet to see someone trying to harass or bully them because of their beliefs. But on the same note, if someone doesn't agree with the alternative lifestyles, and the only way someone finds out that the person doesn't agree is because he or she is asked what they think, it's not okay for that person to be singled out, harassed, or bullied because of their belief system either. It has to go both ways. The whole premise of a free country is the freedom of choice. You have the right to believe what you want and accept what you want. But it never grants one the right to resort to violence or bullying, no matter what.