Jan 31, 2011

Via AJC:

Bishop Eddie Long, senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, has made an unusual appeal on YouTube on behalf of several members who are facing financial hardships because of  investments  that went "sour."

In the YouTube video, Long said that a year or so ago, the church held a financial seminar to empower members and help them build a better quality of life. Long said several members made investments through City Capital Corp., and that some retirement accounts related to those have tanked.

It was not known when the video was made. Its posting time on YouTube was 10 p.m. EST.

According to a press release about the video obtained by the AJC, Long said several members alerted him "about a troubling investment that could eclipse a million dollars." The release said that Long decided to make a public appeal to help members resolve their "dispute with City Capital Corp. and its CEO  Ephren Taylor."

The video and release offered few specifics and it's unclear how many New Birth members were affected in the deals.

The video does not mention that Taylor resigned from City Capital on Oct. 22. In announcing Taylor's resignation on Oct. 22, the company said his departure "was not the result of any disagreements with the Company regarding its operations, policies, or practices."

Neither City Capital nor Taylor could be reached for comment overnight.

The release said members have disclosed that many have suffered deep financial hardships because of the matter.

Long, who has been embroiled in recent months in lawsuits involving allegations of sexual abuse, said the matter "touches my heart deeply."

He said that neither he nor New Birth benefited from the investments and urged City Capital and Taylor to "do what's right" and return the investments with interest, if possible.


  1. Compelling story! Bishop Long....members of New Birth are asking you sir to PLEASE step down as pastor of New Birth if this "touches" your heart!
    The prophetic word of warning is:if you do not step down willingly,the Lord will allow circumstances to force you to do so.........!!
    The truth will prevail.The right thing for Eddie to have done immediately was to step down whether guilty or innocent.What is at stake here is more than the reputation of Eddie Long-more importantly is the body of Christ..restoration of integrity within the spiritual leadership!!
    Thank you for this story and please update us as the truth unfolds!!

  2. Why aren't the elders of New Birth speaking out about this tragedy? It is Biblically what elders are to do...

  3. I am so tired of hearing folk say."we just need to pray!".......NO.....this uncovering is the result of prayer and continued prayer will reveal all.
    The love of money is the root of all evil.
    Sin must be confronted,not prayed about!
    To those who think Eddie Long is innocent:did you pray and ask the Lord to tell you the truth?I think not,because if you did,you would know he is not innocent.
    In other circles he is known as a pedophile.....think about it people!

  4. I'm sure those boys prayed to and still got screwed by their "daddy".

    Enough prayer, prosecute.

    And this isn't about protecting "the body of Christ" because that's what in case after case is being exposed to have harbored these charlatans and sexual hypocrites in the first place.

    The body of Christ still gives Eddie Long it's warm embrace, when every knows he's as guilty as R. Kelly (who at least had the decency not to use Jesus to get his jollies).

    The is a stunt because he's being investigated. He doesn't feel bad for anyone but himself.

  5. Well, this is interesting to see how many NAY SAYERS have SOOOO MUCH to say and you have no idea what you are talking about.Were you there? Did you witness the act of sin? Nope, you all are going by what you hear. Satin is crafty and slick that way, cause PEOPLE LOVE GOSSIP!!! How dare any of you question the Body of Christ!! You aren't Jesus and you aren't the Judge, HE IS. Until you die on Calvary's Cross and Shed your Blood for Sin, then you speak. God does everything in Decency and Order. Just like folks to try and use God as a Scape Goat, You need to read the Bible and study the Scriptures and ask GOD to give you all full understanding before you Judge Anyone. "Let he who is without SIN cast the first STONE"!!!!! Yes, we are suppose to Pray, that's EXACTLY what our Savior JESUS CHRIST did in EVERY SITUATION!!! The Body of Christ will be Praying for all of you. This kind of mess is what DIVIDES and SEPARATES, GOD IS NEVER INVOLVED IN MESS!! But, He always has to clean it up, even your mess(SIN). Look in your own house and JUDGE before you JUDGE anyone, not Just Leadership, ANYONE!! Yes, the Truth will come out, and even then, who are YOU or ANY of us to JUDGE!! We ALL receive the same MERCY and GRACE EVERYDAY!! What I Love about JESUS is that HE IS NOT LIKE HUMANS AT ALL!! HE LOVES AT ALL TIMES and FORGIVES SIN, and REMEMBERS IT NO MORE!! Grace and Mercy are Free, that's part of SALVATION, maybe you should all try HIM(JESUS)!!

  6. I'm sure some members gained and some members lost money. The losses any members of the congregation experienced isn't any different than if they had been unhappy with investments in UBS, Bank of America or any other firm during a recession. I don't see Bishop Long making an appeal for members who lost money with other financial firms. Seems like Bishop Long is trying to find a distraction from his own issues. If he had stepped down as leader for a season his vision wouldn't be as clouded as it is.


    Too much Judging going on. Take heed to GOD's word not mines.

  8. If it is not the believers who will judge....then who will?Please study again what Jesus about "judging".
    I do agree with one poster....time to stop praying and take action by removing him as pastor!!!
    Loving Eddie does not mean we overlook his behavior and NO I was not there,but I have asked the Lord to tell me if this is true and He has confirmed that it is true.I will not return to New Birth until Eddie steps down..
    I stand on what I wrote....for the sake of the true believers in Jesus Christ..Eddie MUST step down....PERIOD!!
    Is Eddie thinking about his wife or what he is putting his precious children through?Not to mention what he has done to these young men!!
    Why aren't the die hard Eddie fans not willing to consider that he is guilty??We need to stop being so blind and gullible in the Body of Christ!!

  9. I agree with the poter from 2/1 who stated that if Bishop Long had stepped down,he would not be so distracted from the vision......
    This is just such a BIG mess and soooooo sad.I know others will be exposed as well for living undercover as homossexuals.That is why many of the mega church pastors have not spoken up.....mmmmmMMM think about it before you decide we should not judge!!!!
    BTW...there will soon be another pastor of New Birth and it will be a woman nobody knows.God has been preparing this woman for years to take over temporarily to restore integrity and accountability to the church!

  10. Well, r u all calling GOD a LIAR?? You who think you have the answers and really are blind to GOD's word. God Never said not to Judge the situation, but YOU CAN'T Judge BISHOP LONG, That is only for GOD to do. Re-read your bibles. We r not the JUDGE of any Man. U can Judge a situation when u have evidence. Do any of you have Proof or Evidence?? You are listening to the media, and gossipers. Oh, GOD also warns us in his word about the media and gossip, it is SIN and it will only lead you to destruction. We all need to spend more time Praying and less time trying to judge people. What skeletons r in your closet? U may think there aren't any, give it a minute, GOD will kick open the door and the bones will fall out!!!

  11. Ok.......have YOU gone to God to ask HIM if the allegations are true?If not......why not?He is the one who knows! Why are you so loyal to Eddie Long and I DO read the WORD with understanding!!Ya'll just masd cause he been caught

  12. It's ovious from previous statements that some of you haven't looked at yourselves in the mirror lately. It sounds to me that alot of you are SOOOO Angry and Bitter. You can't hold the Entire Body of Christ or Leadership Responsible for other Leaders actions. But, again GOD's Mercy & Grace is JUST. We ALL FALL & MESS UP, but it depends on YOU if you want to GET UP. I'm Pretty sure GOD is dealing with BISHOP LONG the way he does it best, IN LOVE, GRACE, MERCY, PATIENCE and most of ALL, AS A JUST FATHER. I PRAY FOR ALL THOSE WHO SPEAK OUT AGAINST LEADERSHIP!! Just because they mess up, doesn't mean GOD's Plan or Purpose for their lives will Change, Delayed DOESN'T MEAN DENIED!! That's the problem, RELIGION, not TRUE CHRISTIANS, put soooo much confidence in MAN & when MAN doesn't live up to the Status Quo, let's CRUCIFY HIM, BUT, JESUS PAID THAT PENALTY ALREADY!! They live and bleed just like us and they aren't perfect, don't forget when you were a sinner, that these are the same LEADERS who PRAYED for you without throwing you into the FIRE. That's only HUMANS who want to throw you in the fire and sentence you to death. The GREAT part of this is that JESUS CONQUERED DEATH & HELL FOR SINNERS ALREADY!!

  13. Precious one.....you are missing the point.The church leadership according to scripture DOES have a responsibility to hold Bishop Long accountable!!Of course...people are angry....anger is not sin,but you are right....bitterness is and I do pray we do not become bitter in all this.
    Again I ask....how many of you who are loyal to Bishop Long have gone to God for yourself to ask if he is guilty.. because YOU need to know the truth and YES,I do know God is dealing with Bishop just as He is dealing with all of us who allow HIM to!!
    God is all the attributes you mention,but you forgot to include that He is a God of justice and if you are a parent,you discipline your children just as God will disipline Eddie if he does not humble himself....
    Aren't you at least concerned that he has chosen to settle instead of going to court and that there is a dispute going on as to who will be deposed first?
    Why settle?

  14. Ms. Teacher, you are absolutely right, scriptures says LEADERSHIP!! I see LEADERSHIP standing BEHIND HIM and BESIDE HIM in this issue. Let me explain where I am coming from, I am not a member of New Birth and no history with them. I've visted the ministry many times and felt nothing but the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT each time(even during this mess.) What I don't get is the ANGER that I am seeing and we are suppose to be CHRISTIANS! Yes,we can be angry, a RIGHTEOUS anger, that's anger in LOVE, not out of REVENGE and WANTING TO DESTROY SOMEONE AND TOSS THEM AWAY!! REMEMBER, after all this is over and it is remembered no more, THERE IS STILL A LOVING GOD, WHO FORGIVES ALL!! This man was called to LEADERSHIP, this doesn't mean that GOD WILL CHANGE HIS MIND ABOUT HIM. HE MUST GO TO GOD HUMBLY AND BE RESTORED, GOD IS ABLE AND JUST TO RESTORE HIM.
    Look what David did, he slept with another man's wife, bore a child out of wedlock, and then had the husband killed who was a faithful servant in Davids army. BUT, GOD still restored Davids HONOR after all of that. NO SIN IS GREATER THAN ANOTHER. Have we all checked ourselves to see what we have done?? Not siding with any party in this BIG MESS, I side with GOD and what his HOLY WORD SAYS. We are to deal with our sisters & brothers IN LOVE.

  15. I am a member of New Birth.Since you are not a member, you may not be privy to all the "goings on" there and nor am I.It is understandable that people are angry....nothing stirs passion like an alledged child predator.
    Please understand that loving someone does not mean you do not call out and correct the sin in one's life.There are times when believers have to be firm with one another.When I sin,I want to be corrected and if we are not arrogant God will do the correcting with us privately first.If we do not take heed,it will be done publicly.
    You are so correct in that the presence of the Holy Spirit is so strong there as a result of those who interceed to create that atmosphere....it has nothing to do with Eddie.
    Yes...David was a "man after God's own heart" but sinned in a huge way many times.
    What we all have in a common-believers and unbelievers alike is that we all have a flesh....carnal christians look like heathens because they have not allowed the crucifying of the flesh to take place in their lives daily....
    Comsider that it is possible Eddie Long did cooerced these young men into sex and the Holy Spirit warned him time and again and he did not listen and now what has been "behind closed doors" has now come to light?Wouldn't you want God to do what could only be done by Him?Repentence by Eddie....healing and restoration for these young men...healing for Eddie Long's children and wife....healing for those at New Birth who placed the wrong trust in mere man......and finally a true love for God through a deep relationship with Jesus Christ?

  16. Yes, Ms. Teacher I want everyone involved in this mess to get TRUE HEALING, which can only come from GOD. You have no idea how I pray for all parties involved and especially his wife and kids and the New Birth Ministry. I'm not saying that he shouldn't suffer the consequences of his actions IF he is GUILTY. But, what I am saying is the problem with CHRISTIANS is that we put TOOO MUCH TRUST in MAN and not ENOUGH in JESUS!! The Bible says in Psalms 146:3,"Put not your TRUST in princes, NOR in the SON of MAN, in whom THERE IS NO HELP." I've been reading the Book of Ezekiel. God called the Prophet Ezekiel the SON OF MAN throughout the whole book, BUT, GOD made his point in saying that every time Ezekiel spoke, he was to commanded Israel by saying:THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD. Not his own words.Ezekiel nor any Prophet before him can save anyone and neither can Bishop Long. Only JESUS the TRUE LIVING KING & LORD(HALLELUJAH)can do that. In all this mess, I am so THANKFUL to GOD that I can still go into the HOUSE OF THE LORD(NOT BISHOP LONGS HOUSE) and still feel the HOLY GHOST presence and I am FREE TO WORSHIP. It is the responsibility of the ELDERS of the Church to do what GOD says do, not what MAN says do. We are to obey what GOD says first, not what the news media, gossipers and even christians say, the ULTIMATE decision is left up to GOD!! GOD's word further states in Matthew Ch.18 vs. 15-17, "If thy brother trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault, between thee and him alone(not the news media): if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But, if he will not hear thee, then take with thee 1 or 2 more(Real Christians), that in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses every word may be established(not the news media)And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: BUT, if he neglects to hear the church(not the news media), let him be unto thee as a heathen man and a publican." Have the ELDERS of NEW BIRTH informed Bis. Long to step down? If not, then it isn't our job, it's the Elders, the Board Members, and then last, the congregation. The proper protocol of GOD's word must be followed above all, before MAN and the LAWS of SOCIETY.

  17. So many times,those who really desire to do things God's way in these congregations get ridiculed so much that they end up leaving.I know for fact that this is the case at New Birth.
    I knew sooner or later that something BIG would happen at New Birth to show believers where their faith REALLY was....this is exactly what is happening now to the detriment of many.
    When we first come to the Lord,we must be taught to keep our focus on God.....not man for this very reason-we all have a flesh and will fail.
    I'm not sure if the elders have approached Bishop Long...I am not in any inner circle.I have been told however that he has been asked by a few elders and he told them he would NOT step down under any circumstances!
    I hope this is not true.....
    Dear One:
    A lot more is about to come out with a lot of other "mega-church" pastors.God is setting things in order.What we see happening in the natural is directly related to what is happening in the spirit realm....
    The Spirit of the Lord says to sit back and watch HIM work now!!

  18. Amen and Hallelujah to that!!