Feb 9, 2011

Walter Latham couldn't have predicted how a "Kings of Comedy" sequel would come about, since neither Facebook nor Twitter was around when he produced "The Original Kings of Comedy" tour and hit film over a decade ago.

Now 40, with another standup film on tap, Latham needs your help to choose the next generation of kings worthy to wear the comedy crown.

Following the late, great Bernie Mac, Cedric The Entertainer, D.L. Hughley and Steve Harvey would be difficult on any stage, but on the big screen, it's a truly daunting challenge. So Latham wants the people's help. He's hoping to gain a million followers on Facebook and Twitter to use the power to social media to select the four men who will represent the next generation of comedy on the big screen.

Here's a portion of our exclusive interview with "The Original Kings of Comedy" creator Walter Latham.

BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: What made you decide to go the social media route to choose the new kings of comedy?

WALTER LATHAM: We're doing it differently because times have changed because of social media. When the studio asked me if we wanted to do it, my initial reaction was no. But then I thought, "What if we called it 'Kings: The Next Generation?" There's definitely people funny enough that can be the next generation, so let me ask the people who they want to see. I started a Twitter and Facebook campaign, and once I get to a million total followers, we'll make that movie. You can vote for your choice on Twitter @lathament or on the official Facebook voting page.
I don't know if anyone out today is as funny as Bernie Mac (he was the show for me), but I do think there are some young comedians out there that are definitely funny.  Here's the guys that I think would make for a hilarious show:
1. Katt Williams (If he could get himself together)
2. Kevin Hart
3. Mike Epps
4. Rickey Smiley (As the host like Steve Harvey)
Honorable Mentions:
- Lil Duval
- Gary Owens
- Arnez J
- Bruce Bruce
- Earthquake
- Charlie Murphy
- DeRay Davis
- Deon Cole
Who are your picks for the new 'Kings of Comedy'?


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