Feb 17, 2011

As we sit and watch the protest taking place in Wisconsin with the teacher's union, it brings back Education to the forefront of the national conversation. So the question is what is wrong with Public Education and why when budget cuts have to be made education is always the first to be cut? If this country is so serious about education why are we always cutting it?

Is public education the route our country should continue to pursue? Many other countries have to pay for primary and secondary education. Is this route that we as a country should be pursuing?

Finally, I want to say congratulations to the young men of Urban Prep in Chicago for getting 100% of their senior class committed to four year colleges for the second year in a row. Maybe their blueprint is one we should apply to our public schools. What do you say?



  1. First off some parents of public school kids seem to think that it's the teacher's job to raise their kids. I can say that because I've worked in the public school system. You'd be amazed at the parents who will cop an attitude when you call them about their kids behavior. They'll ask you thing like 'Didn't you explain blah blah blah?'

    Like excuse me that's not my job to explain blah blah blah to your child. My job is to educate them on the subject I've been assigned to teacher not how to show respect to others or how not to be the class clown.

    Public schools have a harder time getting parents to get involved. They don't show up for parent-teacher conferences or nothing. How can you expect your child to value their education when you don't? They don't support fundraisers or extracurricular activities unless it's sports. Schools offer more than sports. Why not encourage your child to join the Debate Team?

    And then you have some teachers who are worst than the kids. They're teaching because they taught it was easy money and are just passing kids along to avoid having to really teach them. Honestly, there is a lot wrong with public schools. But until the government and more parents put their feet down we're going to continue to see budget cuts and downfalls in public education.

  2. I honestly don't know what to say about the public school system. I received a really good education and that was confirmed when I went to a private engineering school and was placed in the advanced chemistry and calculus classes. I grew up in a true inner city. Now from what I understand some of the schools in my hometown are losing accreditation. I was stunned. What has happened in the last 15-20 years?

  3. I TOTALLY AGREE with what YUMMama is saying. I volunteer weekly in my daughter's kindergarten class(public school) and it's a shame that some of these kids seem to be raising themselves, even at five and six years of age. Coupled with the fact there are waaaaay too many children in the classrooms (budget cuts), the teacher can't even get to the lesson plan because she is busy discipling the same kids everyday. And yes - some of the teachers are worse than the students. I don't care what anyone says - if you have a problem with other people based on race, the status of whether someone is on free and reduced lunches or not, religion, ethnicity, etc., it is hard to seperate it from yourself in the classroom. If I'm picking up on it, I know these children are. Here these kids are, in kindergarten, and I can tell, based on the way they are treated in that classroom and what they are not getting at home, which ones are going to have a tough road ahead. I keep praying that God will give me a solution to help these babies. It's not these children's fault - they didn't ask to come here.

  4. Do you want the long version?

    Or the short Version?

    Okay I'll give you both versions. Are you ready?


  5. You want the long answer or the short one?

    Okay I'll give you both: POLITICS