Feb 17, 2011

Here is what Ms. Goldberg said:

I said that I felt the reporting was shoddy and for that I’m going to apologize, OK? I personally found the article really confusing, and as I said, I was also quite hurt that Cuba Gooding Jr., Louis Gossett Jr., and myself were not included in this expose about black Hollywood. But for saying it was shoddy reporting, I apologize, New York Times."

I love Whoopi. God knows I do, but this is the first time she's mentioned the omission of Lou Gossett, Jr. or Cuba Gooding, Jr. I would have respected her more had she just said she read the article wrong, taken responsibility and just apologized. Instead, she still tried to justified her rant by saying the article was confusing. When you're wrong just admit you're wrong and accept the consequences of your actions. At the end of the day, we're still going to love Whoopi, but for this she is wrong.


  1. Can we all just get along?

    Let's everybody get in a circle and join hands. We Gone Sing "Kumbaya--My-Lord"

    Dont be shy come on yawl....

  2. Can we all just admit when we are wrong. It will help with getting along.