Mar 17, 2011

Quanell X
Writer Gregory Kane, a person to whom I have disagreed with on many occasions, took to BlackAmericaWeb and express what I feel is some of the best let's-get-to-the-point-of-the-matter commentary on the gang rape that took place in Cleveland, Tx.  I'm always down for psychological explanations but sometimes you just need some good ol' fashion truth and I think this is what Mr. Kane was purveying with his commentary.
There's a time to be down with the brothers, and there's a time to kick some brothers to the curb. I mean throw 'em under the bus and then back that bad boy up a few times.

Those "brothers" who stand accused of gang-raping an 11-year-old Latina in Cleveland, Texas need to be kicked to the curb. But Quanell X, who's been identified in news stories as a Houston activist who went to the town about 40 miles northeast to hold a rally, doesn't think that way.

"Every adult male who had sex with that child should go to prison, I don't care what the color is," Quanell X said, according to a story on the London Daily Mail website (Yes, this horror story has gone national AND international.). "But I do not believe that black males are the only ones who had contact with this young child. It appears to me there's been selective prosecution of one community, which is African-American."

Oh, brother Quanell, this is SO not the time to pull the white-folks-are-picking-on-black-folks card out of your sleeve. If you have credible evidence that white males or Latinos had sex with this 11-year-old girl, by all means present it to the cops and the district attorney. Otherwise, please shut up.

It's quite possible that Quanell X is right, but those white guys and Mexicans who, in his worldview, had sex with the 11-year-old probably had the good sense not to record the act on a cell phone video.

Oh, yeah - at least one of these so-called brothers did that. I'd like to believe no one's that stupid, but we all know how some of our people are. You can just hear this goofy Negro now, can't you?

"Oh, snap - a brother's just GOT to get a cell phone video of this here!"

That's what nailed the 18 suspects (some news reports put the number at 16) who've been arrested and charged in the case. The video of the incident somehow made its way around the girl's school. One of her classmates told her principal about it; the principal called police. The grits have hit the proverbial fan, and now there are black folks in Cleveland, Texas rallying behind the "brothers" in what has got to be a really bad and inappropriate case of Jena Six-itis.

The defense of the Jena Six – a group of black Louisiana boys who were charged with attempted murder after stomping a white kid into the ground at their school – was that the attempted murder charges were excessive. The defense of a bunch of guys who had sex with an 11-year-old girl would be what, exactly?

According to some news stories, there are those in Cleveland, Texas who've tried to provide that defense. And believe me, it's a lulu.

Some residents told a New York Times reporter that the girl "often dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s."


Okay, let's review. I've written this before, in this column and in other forums, but it bears repeating: when is it EVER appropriate for a man to think with that body part that starts with the letter "P?"

That's right, class: The answer is "Never!" Not when a 21-year-old or a 31-year-old woman or a fill-in-age-of-woman-here is provocatively dressed, and certainly not in the case of an 11-year-old.


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