Mar 28, 2011

Ok so there seems to be a little bit of he said/ she said going on from the 'Fantastice Voyage'.  Recently, morning show deejay Tom Joyner announced that rapper Foxy Brown gat kicked off his annual cruise due to some mysterious incident.  This is how EURweb reports what happened:

Tom Joyner announced on his show this morning that Foxy Brown was kicked off of his "Fantastic Voyage" cruise and escorted right to a plane.

"We put Foxy off the cruise. Let's just say she got put off," Joyner said on his morning show. "You had to really act a fool to get put off."

The radio vet and his crew offered no details about what went down. But her removal comes just days after her phone interview on the show ended abruptly, leaving the hosts and audience to wonder if she hung up on them, or was disconnected.

From what Tom said this morning, it appears that Foxy disconnected the call. He said: "You know Foxy, after the interview, she called back and she was crying. And I said, 'See, she's gonna be alright.' Well, I was proven wrong."

Joyner and company said the Ill Na Na was "sent to her cabin" on the cruise and "locked in" because there was no jail (or brig) on the ship. "But that wasn't enough," they said.

She was then removed from the ship and, according to co-host Sybil, "escorted to the plane."

Well, you know Foxy wasn't taking this news lightly so she did what any other faux 'celebrity' in her place would do, she turned to Twitter to air her grievances and basically called Joyner a liar:

"SO I'm up packing my Luby's and Kirkwoods to meet my pumpkin Shyne in Belize for a lil' vacay…..and I get a call that Tom joyner is on the radio disrespecting me….again! OKAY NOW MR. JOYNER, your old enough to be my grandfather which is why I let your distasteful comments in our interview go without putting you in your place. Obviously, you equated my silence with weakness. My maturation with passivity. Grandpa you need to learn some respect, I'm the wrong one to romp wit you will get checked!!

Lying ass! It was absolutely nothing but LUV from my arrival to the day I left. Hugs from Monie Love and kisses from Dougie Fresh….I tore the stage down! That's the thanks I get?? U wait til' I leave the ship and then 2 days later your on the air saying negative sh*t!"

Why must these people turn to Twitter?  Twitter should not be used in the place of a public relations person (i.e. Chris Brown).  You only serve to make yourself look worse in the situation.  Foxy's need to call names only makes her look childish and immature in the situation.  If she believe she was truly wronged in the situation there was a much better way for her to handle it than getting on Twitter and ranting and raving.  These people really can use some Suzanne de Passe type media training.


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