Mar 14, 2011

As one of the people who religiously watched 'The Game' when it was on the CW, I must admit that it breaks my heart to watch it's current incarnation on BET.  Bene Viera over at Clutch Magazine must have been reading my mind because she basically put into words everything I've been feeling about the show as of late. 
Here is a snippet of what she wrote:

It has been eight weeks since "The Game's" big comeback, and it's plainly obvious the show's direction has veered off the smooth path onto a dark road with large cracks and potholes.

I'm not one of the bandwagon fans who only heard of the show once BET started to play reruns. "The Game" had been watched in my one-bedroom apartment since its inception. I take no pleasure in writing this: something ain't right.

The beloved sitcom once known for its witty well-written script has turned into a drama filled soap opera. Melanie is bringing random women into their marriage for a surprise threesome. Kelly is an over the top reality star trying to remain relevant sans the attachment to her professional football player ex-husband. Malik is the heartless pill-popping bastard gone rehabilitated and reformed. Tasha Mack is still Tasha Mack. Sneaky Derwin is grilling burgers playing house with his baby's mother all while lying to Melanie. Brit Brat is a 13-year-old half naked dressing, back talking, weed smoking brat. And Jason is actually becoming the only character we can half way stand. What happened to the likability of the characters?

The plot of the show is frustratingly predictable. Drama has replaced both comedy and suspense. And the acting seems forced. Perhaps the actors are overacting to compensate for a bad script. It's all a bad mixture resulting in an intolerable explosion.

When "The Game" was picked up by BET the budget was cut drastically, which has resulted in Brittany Daniel's occasional appearances. Cuts were also made on the production side causing less of the original writers to return. All of these factors have contributed drastically to the decline of "The Game."


Can you say Hallelujah!  Those are my sentiments exactly!  What was once a great show has been a shell of it's former self.  The likeability factor of the characters has totally disappeared.  The characters are now one dimensional whereas they use to be complex with many layers.

What do you think about the current incarnation of 'The Game'?



  1. My friends and I on facebook have consistently shared our frustrations with this show. They have taken an ugly turn and just made the characters ugly and very unlikeable. The previous version was quite oversexed but the new episodes are just trifling.

    I was worried about its comeback because it seemed to have resolved everyone's story pretty well when it ended on the CW.

    I don't stay up to watch it now and if I catch it its when the show reairs during the week. But it is definitely not "must-see TV"

  2. I'm inclined to agree as well..........the shw has certainly taken a turn for the more EXTRA.

    I've abandoned the show for something of substance.

    If I miss the re-runs, oh well there are enough people blogging about the episodes that I can read about it.

  3. Kind of reminds me of a script from reality tv - like something I'd see on housewives, basketball wives, or football wives... hmmm

  4. Wow!!! With all that the fans went through--the emotions, the blogs, the crossed fingers all for this great show to return!!

    And finally it did return! Jubilation for all the fans! Now to hear that the storyline has declined and the show isn't what it once was, which was the reason we wanted it back in the first place! This is just so sad....

    There just isn't much substance in terms of black entertainment. Or much of ANY entertainment. I guess we can go back to reading the black classic books.

  5. This is just another example as to when BET gets their hands on something, they typically ruin it. It is so sad that BET markets itself as Black Entertainment Televison,and yet for some reason they have a hard time understanding, relating and connecting to Black people!