Mar 7, 2011

I love Essence magazine and what it respresents to us as black women. My love for the magazine is why I constantly showcase it on this website despite the fact they are constantly recycling cover models. I would love it if they would feature some of these established as well as up and coming models on the cover such as Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls, Sessilee Lopez, and Chanel Iman. I mean we are constanly complaining about the fact that so-called mainstream magazines are not showcasing models of color, but yet magazines aimed at us are doing the exact same thing. Essence is supposed to be the trendsetter not the follower. Essence is a niche magazine that doesn't require it to always have celebrities on the cover in order to sale. I mean let's be honest they have the same five or six women on the cover anyway. I just want more from the magazine that I fell in love with when I was five years.


  1. I agree that they keep using the same celebrities over and over. I mean there are only so many interviews you can do with Halle Berry. I'd like to see them do more men on the cover too.

  2. I agree YUMMommy! I wish they could bring back some of the fearlessness of Susan L. Taylor and Mikki Taylor. These were the ladies that were willing to put Alek Wek on the cover. I mean seriously that had to be one of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen.

    We've all complained about the fact that Vanity Fair didn't feature Gabourey Sidibe on it's Young Hollywood cover but yet no one mention the fact that she's yet to be featured on an Essence cover.

    We want so much for approval from sources outside our community that when it comes to recognizing ourselves we are totally neglectful.

    I love Essence so much that I can't boycott the magazine. I can just demand better and draw attention to what I feel is a deficiency. Hopefully Constant White will bring more of a vision to the magazine.