Mar 10, 2011

Via AJC:
The four teens charged with murder in the November beating death of Bobby Tillman could face the death penalty if convicted without accepting a plea offer made by prosecutors,  according to a media report.

Douglas County District Attorney David McDade says he consulted Tillman's family before telling the defendants that they had 90 days to make a guilty plea or risk death when they go to trial over the killing of Tillman, who was 18, reported Wednesday. McDade gave them until June 8 to plead guilty.

Quantez Devonta Mallory, Horace Damon Coleman, Emmanuel Benjamin Boykins and Tracen Lamar Franklin were accused of killing Tillman in an attack after a party.

Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller said a fight broke out between two girls outside the home where the party took place, and one of the girls struck a male partygoer. He refused to strike a female but vowed to inflict payback on the next male who walked by.

That was Tillman.

One witness said Tillman struggled to keep his balance after being hit but was quickly pushed to the ground by his attacker. Three of the suspect's friends, each of whom was significantly bigger than Tillman, joined the attack, repeatedly stomping on the slight teen.

The parents of the girl who threw the party were alerted and called 911. Deputies administered CPR but were too late to save Tillman.

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  1. This was just a senseless crime. Honestly, I fault the girl's parents just as much as the guys who killed him. You have to know what kind of friends your kids have. Also, they should have been better monitoring the party and stepped to break up the foolishness. I hope that they will have some legal consequences as well.