Mar 10, 2011

I saw this chart over at Jack and Jill Politics and I knew I had to share it with my readers.  This chart really puts things in prospective if I say so myself.
A very progressive, libreral friend and I were having a conversation about how pissed off he is at the President.  He could not understand why the President felt the need to move towards the center and why he was compromising on so much that he said he believed in.  He basically said, "This is not the Hope that I voted for."  I patiently listened to what he had to say.  I agreed with him on most of his points, but never one to pass up on a debate, I had to come up with a counter argument.
The first thing I came up with is the fact that the President is a politician whether we want to accept that or not.  We did not elect MLK Jr. or Gandhi.  Politicians compromise and none moreso than Democratic Presidents.  I mean take Bill Clinton for instance.  Everything that the current President is doing is coming out of the Clinton Handbook.  Democratic Presidents feel they have to move to the center in order to be re-elected and remain in office.  I'm not saying it's right but it is the reality of the situation.  You see people on the Right actually vote.  They can be counted on to vote.  When they are pissed off at their leaders they demonstrate their frustration by going to the polls and voting people out i.e. the Tea Party.  But do you know what liberals do when their pissed off at their leaders?  They protest by not voting.  Yeah, that's right.  They take their ball and go home.  So when you hear people in mainstream media referring to this country as being 'Right of Center' their referring to people who actually vote.
Look, I don't like it either, but it is what it is.  One of the main reasons why the stuff in Wisconsin is happening is because the governor up there has no fear of repercussions.  Although the people are angry now, he knows all he has to do is throw some wedge issue out during the next election and he'll be right back in.  We, as a people, are easily distracted  i.e. gay marriage, abortion, healthcare, and the death penalty.  These distractions keep us from seeing the bigger picture and what's really going on behind the curtain i.e. the union busting that is taking place in Wisconsin which will soon spread across the country. 
But hey this is just my one and half cents, tell me what you think.


  1. I think your points are dead on. And that chart really IS a real eye-opener.


    First time visitor to your site but will probably be returning.

    You're rght. Pres. Obama is a *politician*(and a pragmatic one at that). He's NOT a prophet OR a magician OR a Civil Right's leader. But I knew that when I voted for him the first time so my frustration with him is actually rooted in the fact that I've seen very little-to-NONE of the *Change* he promised.

    In fact, I think He's shown himself to be rather typical of a smart, calculating, Democrat politician. Think: Bill Clinton.

    Will I vote for him again?

    Probably not...because I've grown weary of the games both parties play. And I long ago recognized that voting for the "lesser of 2 evils" still gets you *evil* (to some degree) and that doesn't cut it for me anymore.

  2. @Truthiz

    You are a prime example of what The Savvy Sista was talking about. Progressives and Liberals always want to take their ball and go home when things don't go their way. The President has no incentive to get through the things we want because he knows if we get pissed off we protest by not voting at all which is just ridiculous.

    Are you seriously saying the Democrats are evil in comparison to the Rethuglicans? Please show me examples.

  3. I think we forget that the president does not govern alone. The only time, as in Wisconsin, as well as the President's first two terms, when any one can be emboldened is when they have a majority and can get what they want. When you no longer have that, then some compromise is inevitable.

    I would like to see the items in the left column left alone. The last time I checked, no proposed budget has been passed.

    I also think that more people are tuned in now to this particular president and are giving him alot more flack because now they are actually paying attention.

    The problems in this country, be it fiscal, social, or foreign policy are quite complex and this idea that our president could just come in and have his way is more than naive.

  4. @Anon -No. Actually, I'm a *prime example* of Me.

    This isn't about taking my *ball* and going home. H*ll, I haven't felt like I had a *ball* since G. Dubya and friends stole the election back in 2000. But I digress.

    In 2004, I became fed up with voting the "lesser of 2 evils."

    Obama gave me a little hope. I still think he's head and shoulders above anybody the Repubs put up.

    But I'm done with the 2-party system. That's all.

  5. One last comment.

    I forgot to mention: I don't consider myself a "Progressive" or a "Liberal." I'm moreso a Conservative Democrat. But I'm a registered *Independent* since I don't really feel at home in either party.

    Okay. I'm done.

  6. I'm suffering!! whether it is the Rebs or the Dems fault I don't know, but if things continue in this manner in 2012, I will be voting but not for Obama. I understand the need to vote, however a lot of folks get mad when you say you are not going to vote for Obama. It seems to be a conscience effort by the people who are "really" in charge of this country to have Obama fail, and in the meantime, people like me are suffering at level we have never suffered before. Obama has not shown me nor do I feel that he has the ability to change my suffering, so if "the powers that be" want him "out" to start hiring and putting money back into this economy, than I say who I'm I to stop them?