Mar 6, 2011

Many times people have submitted things to me that they feel should be featured on this site. Sometimes I feature those things often times I do not. If I don't feel that the content is fitting with what I am trying to accomplish with this site then I will not feature your work, but every now and then there are those things that capture my attention. This video montag put together by Bruce S. Davis was one of those things. Bruce said he put this video together because he wanted to inspire our youth. Please watch the video and tell me what you think.



  1. I think that this video focuses a lot more on just the history of MLK Jr. If this is framed at targeting youth I would like to see more emphasis on youth movements and participation. It can even include the Black Panther Party because one of their youngest, Bobby Hutton, was killed by police when he was only 18. There are flashes of images about gangs and black-on-black violence. I think that this cannot be taken seperated from a critique of the segregated ghettos where this mostly happens. I think that this should emphasize more the history of black liberation and the structural racism that tracks black youth into violence which youth should be working to dismantle.

  2. Thanks for posting this! Someone sent the clip to my inbox but I thought it was spam so I deleted it.

  3. Wow! This video is fantastic! Thanks for posting!

  4. I respectfully disagree with the first comment; this video didn’t focus only on MLK; the first three minutes told the story of the Birmingham Childrens March and how the visceral images of that day in May eventually helped pass the civil rights bill.
    I don’t believe MLK gets his just due in terms of intestinal fortitude and manhood, I mean, who was more brave in the 1950’s and 60’s, a Black person who challenged racist authority armed with a gun in California or some northern city or one who challenged racist authority armed only with righteousness & love in the deep south? He was also brave enough to tell the world that America was wrong concerning the Vietnam War and that “The God that I worship has a way of even putting nations in their place”; not so coincidentally he was killed not long after he spoke out against that Vietnam War.

    I believe we need to stop worrying about the racism that has led young Blacks to this crisis, to this epidemic of violence, antisocial-self hating behavior and low academic accomplishment; WE need to figure out how to fix the problems.” If there ain’t no beauty, you gotta make some beauty.” Earth Wind & Fire

    As far as gangs, black on black crime being the fault of white bigots and racist, they are culpable without a doubt, I mean, slavery, treating Blacks as second class citizen for another hundred years and continuing to find new and creative ways to discriminate after the civil rights bill was passed has inexorably led to many problems in the Black community today, but we came up from slavery, we came up from second class citizenry and I think what the brother is saying in this video is that young Black people stop excusing & celebrating poor behavior academically and socially, for no reason other than you owe the Black people who came before you, including the Bobby Hutton’s & Fred Hampton’s, you owe them all to give your best and to respect yourselves and that is what ANY Black history should teach Black people.

    I loved the video and I believe they should use it in schools as a tool for discussion and action.