Apr 4, 2011

Here we go with another study laying all the blame for the disintegration of the family at the feet of women.  I swear I only post these articles because I actually find them quite amusing.  Just look at what the studies have said about black women in the past couple of years.  We (black women) are the least desirable, no one wants to marry us especially if we are educated, we are the most likely to get divorced if a man can look past our education and marry us, we are the least likely to have children but if we do have kids we won't be married and it will be by multiple men, and if we do get pregnant we are most likely to end our pregnancy with an abortion.  Damn, i think I covered it all.  Hell, black women just can't win with these damn studies.  As far as these studies are concerned, we shouldn't even bother.  And can someone please show me the study that shows how many men have children by multiple women?  I would love to see that study since we seem to think everything is the woman's fault. 

One in five of all American moms have kids who have different birth fathers, a new study shows. And when researchers look only at moms with two or more kids, that figure is even higher: 28 percent have kids with at least two different men.

"To put it in perspective, this is similar to the number of American adults with a college degree," says the study's author, Cassandra Dorius, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. "It's pervasive."

Dorius' study, which was presented Friday at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America, examined data from nearly 4,000 U.S. women who had been interviewed more than 20 times over a 27-year period.

This phenomenon is important to study, Dorius says, because there are consequences to both the mom and her children. Women with children from multiple fathers tend to be disadvantaged compared to other moms. "They are more likely to be under-employed, to have lower incomes, and to be less educated," Dorius says.

Further, this type of family structure can lead to a lot more stress for everyone involved, in part because the women need to juggle the demands and needs of more than one dad. 

"Everyday decisions are more complex and family rules are more ambiguous," Dorius says. "Families need to figure out who lives with whom and when, who pays for things like clothing, who is responsible for child support."

Earlier studies that looked at women with children from different dads focused only on young or inner-city mothers.

The new data, pulled from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, shows that this kind of family structure is found at all levels of income and education. And it's frequently tied to divorce and remarriage, not just to single motherhood, Dorius says. Forty-three percent of the women with kids with multiple dads were married when their first babies were born.

Dorius found that a multiple-father type of family structure was more common among minority women, with 59 percent of African-American mothers, 35 percent of Hispanic mothers and 22 percent of white mothers reporting children with more than one father.

Women with low income and little education were also more likely to have children with different birth fathers.



  1. I am a Black woman and yes it can be discouraging to see these studies and yes it seems as if women are the ones taking all the blame but I think the good thing about these studies is it allows women to take a look at reality. So many women, especially Black women get involved with a man and ignore the warning signs that he is not going to be a good man or father. And yet they still get involved with him, they still share their bodies and hearts with these men-so yes, I do lay a lot of the blame on the women. You have to protect YOURSELF-it is nobody's responsibility but yours. You are damaging your future, your health, your self respect. Stop worrying about what the man will or will not do. If you are going to claimn to be a strong, independant Black woman then take care of YOURSELF. Think about what message you are sending to your daughters. Do you want them to be in the same situation as yourself? It's time to wake up women and take charge of your future. Ain't no man or no penis worth it.

  2. Co-sign with Olivia.

    This 2011 not 1911. When I see study after study pointing out problematic trends I can SEE with my own 2 eyes it confirms what I believe to be closer to the Truth (If not THE Truth) than not.

    I would think that if there's a Black Female sociologist out there worth Her credentials at all She would speak out very publicly and refute these studies and then set about doing her own in-depth research on the *State of Black Women* in America today.

    I certainly think it's a project well worth undertaking.

  3. Seriously??? Institute of Social Research, now that you have your slanted research info, now what???