Apr 11, 2011

Honey, what do you get when you put a 'Reverend' against a member of the 'Black Intelligentista'? You get Must-See TV. This had to be some of the most interesting stuff I've watched on television in a very long time. Black folks get real heated when they debate President Obama. It does appear that Dr. West has been sipping on that Tavis Smiley 'haterade' when it comes to the Prez. I'm not saying that Obama shouldn't be criticized and rightly so, but some of the stuff that Cornel (as well as Tavis) are saying does sound like a little personal.


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  1. I will say that over the past few years I have gained more respect for Al Sharpton and have not been that impressed with Dr. West. he was a guest speaker on our campus last year and I left there quite disappointed. I don't know that hater is the right word, but he just seems to be lost in only one type of black activism. I don't know much about him but my impression is that he really is just a talking head. He's built a reputation for himself in academia but I'm not impressed