Apr 25, 2011

Julia Bennett, 33, was shot and killed on Wednesday in an incident still under investigation.
I have heard some bizarre stories in my day, but this is one definitely takes the cake.  A Florida man wants us to believe that his 2 year old son took his gun and shot and killed his mother.  Really?  You really expect me to believe that the 2 year old just happened to get his hands on a 9mm seimautomatic that the father just happened to leave lying around when he came to visit.  Child Please!  Now, I'm not oblivious to the fact that accidents like this happen all the time, and even if it happened the way the father said it happened he is still negligible as far as I am concerned.
It appears that I am not the only person having a heard time believing this story because even the victim's family and neighbors are expressing doubt.

The child's great aunt, Marva Anglin, said the boy doesn't understand what happened and keeps asking for his mother. Bennett's relatives said they had never met the child's father, but told the judge they did not want him in their home for supervised visits with the child because they are afraid of him.

She and other family members do not believe the baby killed Bennett.

"We're not buying it," said Hugh Pearce, whose 33-year-old niece Julia Bennett was shot and killed about 7 p.m. on Wednesday at the Ashlar apartments off Pembroke Road near University Drive.

"We just don't think it happened that way," said Pearce. "But we want to see police finish their investigation."

Police did question the father for a long time before releasing him.

Bennett's loved ones spoke out for the first time Thursday night to CBS4′s Peter D'Oench.

"We really didn't expect this," said Pearce. "She was a medical technician who had such a future. Yesterday I saw her doing her wash and her clothing and not I hear about this on the news. This is terrible."

It happened inside apartment number 303. The boy's father called 911 about the incident claiming that the boy used his 9 millimeter, semi-automatic glock pistol. Neighbors say they saw police testing the boy's hands for gun residue but police would not say what they found.

Inside a West Miami-Dade store, one gun owner said he had serious questions about the claim that the two-year-old boy fired the gun.

"It's highly unlikely that this would have been possible because it requires five pounds of pressure to pull the trigger of a nine millimeter semi-automatic glock pistol like this one," said longtime gun owner Kevin Gleason. "Even if the gun was chambered and ready to fire, this would have been very difficult. I don't buy this story."

I'm going with the gun store owner on this one.  As the old folks use to say, "The Devil is a Liar, and the Truth ain't in him!"

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  1. I find it difficult to believe that a two year old has this type of fine motor skill. It sounds like someone is misrepresenting the truth to protect their lying butt. I hope that truth rises up and tells the story.