Apr 13, 2011


Former CNN anchor Tony Harris---who left the netwrok in December—has found a new home: Al Jazeera English.

Harris has moved from Atlanta, where he was based for CNN, to Doha, Qatar, the main headquarters of Al Jazeera. He began anchoring for the network on Tuesday, reporting on the health issues of former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak.

In a statement, Harris said, "I'm really pleased to have joined. Having an interest in news from around the world, I was attracted by AJE's global focus and look forward to being involved in stories from all points of the globe. It's a very exciting time to be coming on board."

Harris was on CNN for six years where, among other things, he anchored "CNN Newsroom."



Good for him!  I will miss him on CNN, but this way he'll get a chance to actually report the news by going to Al Jazeera.


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