Apr 18, 2011

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Why is it that every racist that gets caught doing some racist B.S. always try to play the 'I have friends who are black' card in order to excuse their racism?  I just don't understand bigots.  If you're a bigot just be a bigot and be proud of your bigotry ways.  Damn is that too much to ask?

A top Cal­i­for­nia Tea Party and GOP leader refuses to quit after send­ing a racist email with a photo depict­ing Obama as a mon­key in a fam­ily portrait. Marilyn Dav­en­port has described her racist email with the above photo as "just an Inter­net joke," saying, "Oh, come on! Every­body who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black. Besides, I only sent it to a few peo­ple — mostly peo­ple I didn't think would be upset by it."

Dav­en­port, who is a top South­ern Cal­i­for­nia Repub­li­can party offi­cial and a South­ern Cal­i­for­nia Tea Party activist, report­edly sent the email with the title, "Now you know why no birth cer­tifi­cate," is now in hot water with the Repub­li­can Party and the right-wing media.

Howard Port­noy at Hot Air calls Davenport's actions, "The last thing the GOP needed," and claims, amaz­ingly, that they "threaten not only to reignite base­less charges that any crit­i­cism directed at the pres­i­dent by the right is a func­tion of racism but to help reen­er­gize his flag­ging base." Because how could any­one, after three years of right-wing, GOP, and Tea Party racism, time and time and time again, be seen as racism? Port­noy goes on to say, this time rightly, "The dam­age is done — and I pre­dict the reper­cus­sions will be long-lasting and dev­as­tat­ing." (Empha­sis added.)

In response to calls for her to quit her Tea Party and GOP lead­er­ship roles, Dav­en­port wrote to R. Scott Mox­ley at The OC Weekly, say­ing, "I'm sorry if my email offended any­one, I sim­ply found it amus­ing regard­ing the char­ac­ter of Obama and all the ques­tions sur­round­ing his ori­gin of birth. In no way did I even con­sider the fact he's half-black when I sent out the email."

"In fact, the thought never entered my mind until one or two other peo­ple tried to make this about race. We all know a dou­ble stan­dard applies regard­ing this Pres­i­dent," Dav­en­port con­tin­ued, after send­ing a sub­se­quent email to the same recip­i­ent list, demand­ing to know who "the cow­ard" was who sup­plied The OC Weekly with the orig­i­nal racist email. "I received plenty of e-mails about George Bush that I didn't par­tic­u­larly like yet there was no "cry" in the media about them. One only has to go to YouTube or Google Images to see a plethora of lam­poon­ing videos and pic­tures about Obama, Bush and other politi­cians. That being said, I will NOT resign my Cen­tral Com­mit­tee posi­tion over this mat­ter that the aver­age per­son knows and agrees is much to do about nothing.

"Again, for those select few who might be truly offended by view­ing a copy of an email I sent to a select list of friends and acquain­tances, unlike the lib­eral left when they do the same, I offer my sin­cere apolo­gies to you – the email was not meant for you.

"For any of my friends or acquain­tances who were the recip­i­ents of my email and were truly offended, please call me so I may offer a sin­cere ver­bal apol­ogy to you. Sin­cerely, Mar­i­lyn Davenport."


  1. Now how will they get any black person's vote if they don't say the "I have black friends" line? We're already finding out that the whole US is 80% white is a lie. So when they're caught the scramble! It is so tiresome. I don't understand why anybody buys their lines!

  2. her message was not meant for those who would take offense...that's not an apology. Apparently she doesn't know the people she's sending it to, because one of them must've found it offensive to share it with the media.

    Just because she "didn't mean to offend" doesn't excuse the fact that is was offensive and the idea that it couldn't be taken that way is just ridiculous.

    Whatever lampooning was done of Bush is wrong too. The last I knew two wrongs don't make a right.

    Of course no one with a political party affiliation will admit to racist views. And she really doesn't have to admit it. Clearly her actions speak louder.

  3. Oh Dear. Another Racist AND Stupid Tea-Party rep. Typical.


    The Associated Press reports that Republican Party of Orange County Chairman Scott Baugh wants to launch an ethics investigation about the incident, and that he thinks she should resign. Baugh said, "It's just highly inappropriate, it's a despicable message, it drips with racism and I think she should step down from the committee."

    More from AP:

    At the very least, Baugh said, Davenport should be apologizing for what she's done rather than attacking whoever leaked the email to media, referring to an email Davenport sent after the story broke calling on "the coward" who leaked the email to come forward.
    Davenport, a tea party activist, represents the 72nd Assembly District in Orange County on the central committee.

    She represents Brea, Placentia, Fullerton and portions of other Orange County cities to the county committee tasked with fundraising, campaigning and debating policy for the Republican Party.

    CBS interviewed former chairman of the California Republican Party Michael Schroeder, who says that this email is Davenport's third strike. He is calling for her resignation, citing two previous incidents in which Davenport defended the racist actions of two fellow Orange County conservatives.

    The first was during Pres. Obama's inauguration, when Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose forwarded an email depicting a watermelon patch on the White House lawn to several people. According to Schroeder, Davenport defended Grose amidst calls for his resignation. [...]