Apr 19, 2011

Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man
Man, I have so many mixed feelings about this one.  While I have a personal disdain for this book, I am a fan of fellow FAMUAN and Rainforest Productions founder Will Packer.  I seriously don't want to promote anything related to this book, but I'm all for black people working and especially for people getting a chance to live out their dreams.  So with that being said, I am going to give out the information about the contest for a walk-on role in the movie version for 'Act Like aLady, Think Like a Man'.  Because no matter how I feel about this, I do realize that this could be a really big deal in someone's life and maybe it can give someone a break that she/he so desperately deserves.


We're searching for someone to play an age between 18 and 50 for both a male role and a female role.

When submitting your audition, please choose whether you will be auditioning for the male role or the female role.  If you choose to audition for the male role, please use the script side provided for the male role.  If you choose to audition for the female role, please use the script side provided for the female role.  Audition materials consist of: one (1) audition video containing person auditioning for the role reading only one of the provided script sides (video should be no longer than 2 minutes), one (1) headshot photo no more than 100K in file size, and a brief description of credit highlights (if any).



  1. This could lead to someone's bir break. But, I cannot see myself going to view this film. It has no appeal to me as a person.

  2. Savvy you are walking a fine line with this one. I couldn't bring myself to see or promote this movie. I don't care who is involved.