Apr 4, 2011

MLK III and Andrew Young to launch new black TV network

First there was BET, and then TV One. Now it looks like there will be Bounce TV.

Get ready for a new African-American television network to be added to your TV listings this fall. Bounce TV is a joint venture headed up by Ambassador Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III and will feature a mix of live sports, theatrical movies and original programming targeting African American adults 25-54 years of age.

The Atlanta based television network plans to distribute content through the digital signals of local television stations. Bounce TV has acquired the TV rights to 400 African-American oriented films from Sony Pictures, Image Entertainment, NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution and Codeblack Entertainment.

Viewers can expect to view movies from NBC Universal including Ray, Do the Right Thing, Glory, The Hurricane, Ali, Boyz'n The Hood, Car Wash and more. Codeblack Entertainment has licensed films and documentaries to Bounce TV featuring Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, Vanessa Williams and Terrance Howard, and comedies and dramas starring Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Charles Dutton, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis.

In an interview with Broadcasting and Cable, King says "My father envisioned the day that African Americans would play major roles in entertainment within ownership, not just serve as entertainers on the stage or in front of the cameras. That's what makes this even more exciting to me as we embark on this new endeavor of an independently owned and operated broadcast television network featuring African Americans."

Source - TheGrio

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  1. All well and good on the surface. However, if and when the network becomes a success, will King and Young sell the network to the same people who end up holding all the money and run this country in the ground? The same people who have devastated minorities from the beginning? If these two sell the network off, they are no better than the slavemasters who MLK fought against.