Apr 11, 2011

Ok, seriously, it's a little late for an April Fools' joke. Can someone please tell me why Tyrese feels he is equipped to write a relationship book? Now, seriously I'm not trying to hate....nawl bump that. I'm hating. I'm so sick of these celebrities (i.e. Steve Harvey) thinking they are in positions of authority where they can tell people what to do in order to start, preserve, or protect a relationship. I mean what in the hell is going on? Why can't people just stick to their day jobs and leave the advice dishing to the experts?

And just to answer your question, no I haven't read his book and after his appearance on Wendy Williams I don't plan on reading it either. When Wendy asked him why men cheat and he basically suggested that men were raised to cheat I knew then that I would not be wasting my time.

Here is what he said:

No way. See, it's expected of men to cheat, even though all men don't cheat. I can't just generalize and say all men cheat, but it's expected because it's a part of our upbringing…no listen if your in high school or in college, if one dude has sex with ten different women he is a hero, he's the champion of the campus. If one woman has sex with ten different guys, they're all kind of things in the book right?…It's just a part of what instilled in us growing up."

Ladies, I hope y'all have y'all Kevlar vest on because you are going to need it. It looks like it's Open Season on sistas again when it comes to these damn relationship books.


  1. ROFL.......I was thinking the same thing! He was married for what a year and can offer advice? I'm not one to judge, but really?????

    And when Steve Harvey came out with that book, I just KNEW it was a joke.....a comedian offering relationship advice.

    Again, who am I to judge, but REALLY?

  2. Well, I actually read Steve's book and it's not so much on telling women what to do but revealing how men try to play us. However, I've seen some ppl tweeting quotes from Tyrese's book and I'm not at all feeling what I've seen thus far.

    Not to mention, I'm not sure how experienced he is in the successful relationship department to be qualified to give relationship advice either. Plus, his answer to Wendy's question pretty much confirmed my suspicion that he's not mature enough to be advising anybody on anything.

    I'm all for ppl diversifying themselves and tapping into a hidden talent but diving head first into an advice book might not be a wise thing. Take baby steps. Maybe, a fiction novel would have been a great introduction into the writing world for him.

  3. Singers never have been successful in writing books. I don't if Tyrese can even handle the critics about him writing a "relationship" book.

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