Apr 11, 2011

Via WhiteHouse.Gov:

When eighth graders from Longmont, Colorado's Altona Middle School left for the East Coast, they knew they'd be coming to see the White House and some of D.C.'s famous monuments. Little did they know they'd also get the chance to not just see, but meet, President Barack Obama himself.

The mother of one of the students had written President Obama as he was negotiating a budget with Congressional leadership, telling him how much her son and his classmates were looking forward to visiting Washington. The President mentioned that letter in his remarks after reaching an agreement late Friday night, and decided to say hello while they were in town.

Man, I can't imagine how I would have acted if I was at the White House and the President walked up. I probably would have screamed like I was at a Michael Jackson or Prince concert...LOL!!! But seriously, that had to be a surprise of a lifetime for those kids.

1 comment:

  1. An incredible treat for those kids!

    No doubt, many...if not most, perhaps even ALL...will remember (and treasure) the moment for the rest of their lives.

    Who knows? A future President of the United States could very well be among them :>)