Apr 13, 2011

This is really shocking because I've flown out of this airport so many times.  You think of airports as secure, but really and truly you can't let your guard down.
DENVER (AP) – A woman who missed a connecting flight at Denver International Airport said she was raped in a deserted concourse by a man she met at an airport bistro while two janitors passed by and did nothing.

Officers arrested Noel Alexander Bertrand, 26, of Portland, Oregon, early Tuesday after two airline employees on the tarmac saw the attack through a window and called for help, Denver television stations KMGH and KDVR reported.

Bertrand was being held on suspicion of assault and felony sexual assault with bail set at $10,000.

The 22-year-old woman said she was flying from Oregon to Illinois on Monday to interview at a convent and decided to spend the night at the airport when she struck up a conversation with the man.

The woman said Bertrand followed her after the bistro closed at midnight. He asked to kiss her, and she refused, but he moved in anyway and then threw her to the floor. The woman said the man pulled her pants down and assaulted her for about 10 minutes.

During the attack, two airport janitors passed by and said nothing, she said.

Airport spokeswoman Jenny Schiavone told the Denver Post that a security guard called police and detained Bertrand until police arrived.

A woman who said she is Bertrand's grandmother answered the phone at his Portland home Tuesday and said he is in Denver. She said her grandson is a former U.S. Marine but declined further comment.

Another airport spokeswoman, Laura Coale, told KMGH that the airport was investigating whether any employees failed to report the attack.


  1. (Sigh!) You know...a story like this makes me wanna holla...not because the young lady was raped but because she put herself in a position to be raped!!!

    She's 22 y/o. She flew from Oregon to Illinois on Monday to interview at a convent AND THEN decided to spend the night at the airport where she struck up a convo with a man...a total stranger..who she THEN apparently decided to interact with until AFTER the bistro closed AT MIDNIGHT!?!

    Am I wrong here? Did this young woman NOT put her own life at risk???

  2. Truthiz,You are a jackass.The victim is never to blame for a thug's crime.

  3. @Anon - I'll show you the Respect you didn't show me. Civil discourse is fine with me. I don't mind a healthy Civil debate.

    But suffice it to say I'm not into calling other blog participants names when we have a difference of opinions. It accomplishes nothing positive.

    As I stated before, IMO, that young lady acted recklessly with her life! I stand by that comment and couldn't disagree more with the notion that an ADULT "victim" is "never" to blame for what happens to him or her.