Apr 4, 2011

Roland Martin had a segment on his show 'Washington Watch' in which he asked his panel, "Why is Tyler Perry the villian?" I must admit that his question caused me to pause. I, as well as many other people, am guilty of saying some pretty f'ed up things about Mr. Perry. Instead of tearing the brother down I should be trying to lift him up. Sure, he's not telling the stories I want him to tell nor is he telling stories the way I want them told. That is not his problem. The problem is mine. Instead of complaining about how Tyler does things maybe I need to get out into the world and do my own thing. Tyler Perry has worked really damn hard to get to where he's at in life. The brother built a state of the art studio in Atlanta. He is a true representation of possibility and that is something that should be celebrated and not torn down.

I have to admit that Roland asking that question made me ashamed of some of the things that I've said about Tyler Perry. At the end of the day, none of us know what Tyler had to endure in order to get to where he's at. I may not agree with the content of his movies or even the premise of his television shows, but at the end of the day I can respect what he has managed to achieve. And what he has achieved is the 'Impossible Dream'.

What REALLY is everyone's problem with Tyler Perry?


  1. @The Savvy Sista- I commend you on you comments. Well Said!

  2. Tyler Perry isn't all bad...As with anything, people will always have their opinions. Tyler has accomplished a lot in Hollywood. He gave Angela Bassett, Cicily Tyson, Lynn whitfild, Phylicia Rashad, Margaret Avery and others jobs when white hollywood wouldn't. My problem is how do you follow up such a profound movie like Colored Girls up with a coon ass movie like Modea's Big Happy Family? The Modea movies are getting super lame and predictable!Tyler has his foot int he door with Hollywood, so now lets get movies similar to Rosewood, Higher Learning, Sounder, Women of Brewsters Place, Lady Sings the Blues,Eve's Bayou ect...into the forefront. Black folk stories aren't told enough, yet give us a movie where cursing, drug dealing, shakin' asses & shuckin'& jivin' with a minor/no message and we load up in droves to go support it. smh we know better, so why not be better

  3. I have nothing bad to say about him. It's not easy writing a sitcom. The ones complaining about him - have they written anything? What are they writing? Why is it, that what his critics are writing, is not a topic of conversation like Tyler Perry's is? I've tried to write a sitcom and it is NOT easy. I've tried writing movies and it is NOT easy. I like what you said Savvy. And if what the critics are saying isn't supportive or helping anyone, they are probably part of the problem, more so, than part of the solution.

  4. I for one love Tyler Perry!! This man is putting Black people back on the map like Spike Lee did back in the day. I think that we as a race are conditioned to seeing ourselves cast in negative roles all the time & not being in movies or shows that focus on healing family drama or coming together. People say the Madea movies are getting played out but yet we'll watch played out shows like Basketball Wives.

    I wish that we would just work on changing our mindsets and supporting one another more. It's sad when I go to see Tyler Perry movies and the majority of the audience is white. We have to do better. I am looking forward to seeing his growth. I think the best is yet to come with him.