Apr 25, 2011

Tosheba Alford (l.) and her boyfriend Kendall Major (r.) are charged with killing a 61-year-old.
We always wonder why people will witness an act of violence and not intervene.  Now we have our answer.  People are not trying to get killed for helping somebody they don't even know.  It's not right but it is the truth.  Take what happened to 61 year old Quintin Guerrero.  All he was trying to do was what people have been preaching about lately and that is that we all need to help each other.  So that is exactly what he did on that faithful night when he tried to comfort Tosheba Alford after her boyfriend, Kendall Major, beat the holy hell out of her.  That selfless act on his part end up costing him his life.

Quintin Guerrero, 61, was killed when he rushed to aid one of his accused attackers, Tosheba Alford, 20, after she jumped out of a moving cab in front of his Bronx house to escape a beating from her boyfriend, Alford's mother, Queen Smith, said.

Alford told cops she never raised a hand to man who tried to help her, insisting she attempted to stop her boyfriend, Kendall Major, 35, from killing Guerrero.

"He [Major] started punching and kicking the man. I tried to pull Kendall off," Alford told detectives, according to a prosecutor.

Witnesses, including the cabbie who drove the pair to the Bronx, claimed Alford was as responsible as Major for the 1:30 a.m. Saturday beatdown in Mott Haven.

"It was very horrifying to see," said livery cab driver Angel Ruiz, 47, who called 911 and helped cops track down the pair.

Major and Alford were arraigned Sunday in Bronx Supreme Court on second-degree murder charges.

They were ordered held without bail, pending an April 28 grand jury hearing.

The couple, who had spent the evening drinking heavily, were headed to Major's house in the Bronx when they started fighting in the back of Ruiz's livery cab, Smith said.

She told reporters her daughter called her from the cab when Major started hitting her, accusing her of having an incestuous relationship with her brother.

Smith said her daughter jumped out of the moving cab, hurting her leg. She limped over and sat down on Guerrero's front stoop, prompting the victim to come out of his house and check on her.

As Guerrero was asking Alford if she was hurt, Major jumped out of the cab, pummeled Guerrero to the ground and kicked him repeatedly, Alford told her mother.

"She'd never put a foot on anyone," Smith said of her daughter.

Prosecutors scoffed at Major's statement that Guerrero hit him first and told him to "mind your own business." source

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