Apr 15, 2011

STANFORD, Calif. -- A high school basketball star's first trip to Disneyland turned into a tragedy.

18-year-old Miguel Windley, a high school senior from Columbus, Georgia always dreamed of coming to California. He had just won a basketball championship and was planning to celebrate with a trip to Disneyland.

"He got on the flight, I was waving to him and I'm thinking 'yay' look at my baby he's taking a flight by himself with his friends," Miguel's mother, Nanette Windley said. "He never made it to Disneyland."

He suffered an aneurism on the plane. On Thursday, Miguel was in the intensive care unit at Stanford Hospital where he underwent two open heart surgeries but there were complications.

"I don't know how this happened, but my son is burning inside out ... he's burning constantly, his skin is peeling constantly," Windley said. "He doesn't look like my son at all."

Windley says doctors told her Miguel developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. The rare disease causes a person's skin to peel off. He is blistered all over and is now blind.

Windley is running out of money for lodging, food, and transportation. She's been told that Stanford can't provide the specialized burn care Miguel needs.

"They tried to send him to Berkeley burn unit but they wouldn't accept him because he's not a resident of California," Windley said.

Crystal Finau saw Windley crying in the hospital and offered to help by opening up a trust fund.

"Her story just broke my heart and we're all mommies and I couldn't believe what she had been through," Finau said.

"I think it's such a blessing for her to do that," Windley said.

To donate funds to assist in Miguel Windley's recovery donate to Bank of America under the account: The Miguel Windley Special Needs Trust Account #05207-72178


  1. How tragic. Is there a way to donate online?

  2. Be very cautious folks. There is no record of a Miguel Santos or Santos-Widley as having played high school basketball in Georgia. Nor did he stay enrolled in any Muscogee County high school for more than a year. His mother claims he is 18, but his resume shows he is 19.

    Scam? Illegal alien perhaps? I don't know, but it doesn't seem right.

  3. This is not a scam. If you watch the KTVU segmant online you can see the video footage yourself. I know these people personally & this is very real! If you choose not to donate please keep him in your prayers. You can also find updates @ www.facebook.com/helpmiguel His basketball victory was for their local rec center.

  4. this story is totally real.I saw it on the news.it is really important to me because my little brother suffered from the same rare disease as a little kid and it was extremely devastating and painful.I hope many people will find it in their hearts to donate.I asked a lot of my coworkers to help me with donations on top of my own and many of them wanted to help when I explained why it meant so much to me.We came up with a decent amount and I hope others will do the same.

  5. I must say this is jacked up. I am a nurse and there is one thing that is coming to my mind for all the doctors and everybody to think about..... THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH. You all know that pledge we took when we graduated from medical school that says we'll help people to the best of our ability NO MATTER WHAT! But yet y'all are denying help to a child because he's not a resident of california? I live in Oakland, Ca and I'm ashamed to say that I'm in the same field as these people. This is wrong on so many levels and it breaks my heart. I wish to god there was something I could other then pray but I'm gonna do my best and pray that god touches their hearts to change their minds about helping him.

  6. This is such a tragedy for Miguel as well as his family. I pray this family will receive more blessings than they are able to receive. I pray that god will see the need to heal your son and that he makes a speedy recovery from this devastating disease. Keep the faith and look toward the hills which cometh all our help.

  7. This is very real and absolutely not a scam. I live in San Francisco and saw the News Report on KTUV channel 4. And as a nurse I've taken care of pt's with this rare Steven Jonson Syndrome and it's just a horrible thing to go through. Just imagine what a tomato would like if it was burning and the peeling was coming off... now imagine that peeling is your skin burning and sliding right off your body. It's excruiatingly painful and a horrible thing to endure.

  8. Did the Berkeley Burn Unit finally admit him? I almost cried when I saw this story. I took a collection at work as I work in Berkely and wanted his famiy to know that Berkeley is not that bad. I was also did not see anymore updates about him, keep it fresh in the news like that Giants fan who got beat up

  9. This is VERY real for Miguel and his mother, and VERY tragic. I can not tell you how I know, due to my relationship to this tragedy, but I can tell you that Nanette needs ANY help she can receive.

    If you aren't here to help, don't hinder what you don't know about. (THAT is not right)