Apr 26, 2011

Moments after ripping Spike Lee during a press conference for "Madea's Big Happy Family," Tyler Perry was asked if he at least had a conversation with the filmmaker to discuss their issues.

"You know what's unfortunate about that is what I wish he had done was come to me," said Perry.  "If he had an issue with what I was doing call me.  Man to man let's have a conversation.  Don't go public talking to people so that every time I'm asked a question, I'm asked 'Spike Lee said.'  Every time somebody asks me anything about what I do 'Spike Lee said'. You know it's getting pretty annoying to me.

"So, no I haven't had a conversation with him.  I only called him once to congratulate him on 'Inside Man' when it opened and tell him what a huge fan I was of his." source

Now doesn't that sound reasonable.  I think I would have preferred Spike speaking to Tyler in private and telling him what his grievances were with his films instead of blasting the brother in the media.  You never know, Tyler may have been more receptive to Spike's criticism had they been done in a constructive way.  Either way, I hope these brothers put this petty stuff behind them and work to make movie magic together.  Can you imagine what kind of films they could produce together? 


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