Apr 27, 2011

Today the President released the long form of his birth certificate, which the fact that he even had to do such a thing is a travesty. Anyone who thinks this is going to satisfy the 'birthers' that are plaguing the GOP are sadly mistaken because this entire thing was never about where the President was born. This thing has and continues to be about doing anything to discredit this President. Let's be real and stop pretending this isn't what it is. Racism is and continues to be alive and well in this country. The fact that the media would continue to run with this story is even more of a travesty. It was the media that propped up and continued this non-story to a point that the President felt compelled to released his birth certificate. Do you think something like this would have ever happened to a white President? Hell no! John McCain would have never been asked for his birth certificate had he become President just like no other white person would be asked for their birth certificate.

This is another sad day in US history!


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