May 15, 2011

In the words of one Tamar Braxton, "Child". After three years of keeping quiet, Alicia Keys has finally decided to break her silence on the 'homewrecker' accusations that have been plaguing her since her marriage to uber producer Swizz Beatz. Alicia decided to turn to Essence Magazine and express her side of the story when it comes to the nasty love triangle she found herself in.

Here is what she had to say as to the timeline of when she and Swizz began seeing each other:

After being branded a 'home wrecker' by some media and bloggers Alicia is maintaining that she did nothing wrong and that her husband, Swizz Beatz, was completely separated from his ex-wife before they got together.

'We didn't start seeing each other until months after they had separated,' she said.

'I was aware of all the false things that were being said about me it definitely hurt,' added the 30-year-old.

Now we all know that Swizz's ex Mashonda had a completely different timeline when she told her side of things as to when Alicia and Swizz began saying each other:

The union between Alicia and Swizz exploded in the media when Tifrere posted a letter online saying that Alicia had 'assisted in destroying a family,' and did a series of 'tell-all' interviews.

Swizz and [Mashonda] Tifrere's divorce was finalised in May 2010 and Alicia and Swizz announced engagement less than a month later. Bloggers went wild, accusing Alicia of being a home-wrecker and calling her names.

She remained tight-lipped throughout the episode.

Alicia admitted that the reason she remained quiet throughout the entire episode was because of advice she received from Oprah:

'She whispered in my ear and said "Keep some of you for you",' she recalled.

I, personally, think she should have just remained quiet on the entire situation. Listen, the damage has already been done. There is no point in drudging up the past at this point. Mashonda has already accepted Alicia as a 'partner' in rising her son so just move on.



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