May 10, 2011

First Tipper and Al Gore and now Maria and Arnold!

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver, announced Monday that they are separating.

The statement, issued by a spokesman for Schwarzenegger, said the two were working on the future of their relationship while living apart and they would continue to parent their four children together.

"This has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us," the two said in a prepared statement. "After a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion, and prayer, we came to this decision together."

It was not clear from the statement if either remained at their estate in Brentwood, or whom the children were with. Schwarzenegger's spokesman, Daniel Ketchell, said he wouldn't answer questions beyond what was said in Monday's statement.

Schwarzenegger, a Republican, finished his seven-year run as governor in January and has been traveling to deliver speeches and pursuing entertainment projects. He tweeted frequently during his travels to such faraway places as Brazil, Nigeria and France.

Shriver was not mentioned in his Twitter updates from the road.

Shriver, also active on social networks, posted three updates on her Twitter page on the day of their 25th wedding anniversary, April 26, but did not mention the milestone.

About a month before the anniversary, Shriver wrote on her Facebook page that she was going through a transition in her life.

"As you know, transitions are not easy. I'd love to get your advice on how you've handled transitions in your own life," she said in a video posted on YouTube.

"It's so stressful to not know what you're doing next. People ask you what are you doing and then they can't believe that you don't know what you're doing," she said.

Schwarzenegger has said that Shriver, who is keenly attuned to the risks of a life in politics, initially was very upset about his plan to run for governor. But when Schwarzenegger announced his decision on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in August 2003, he said his wife stood by his decision.

During Schwarzenegger's time as governor, Shriver and the couple's children never moved to Sacramento, preferring their secluded canyon estate a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. Schwarzenegger never settled in Sacramento, choosing instead to commute by private jet between his home and the state capitol.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if this marriage thing is really worth the paper it is written on. Or if we have totally misunderstood the concept and are driving it in a different direction.

    I guess she was just waiting for his term to end? If he hadn't run for governor would it have lasted? If he hadn't become the governor would she have left earlier?


  2. I think this was definitely a surprise. The way the announcement sounded though was as if they are just separating but still working on the relationship.

    i still believe in marriage. it is something that we can't enter into lightly nor just assume that it won't take any work to maintain it.

    i wish them the best.

  3. The article does make it sound like they are separating in order to concentrate on the future of their marriage - kind of like a marriage "time out." Sometimes a person does need to be away from the other person in order to reflect INWARD. Doesn't mean they don't still love the other person or don't want to be with them any more. Perhaps they are deepening the relationship with their own souls and that's a solo journey. Some can do it while with the other person - some can't. Marriage is still a wonderful thing between two people who understand that everything changes - even the person who you married. Folks nowadays don't know how to be compassionate to the other person while they are going through their changes and patient enough to wait for them on the other side of the changes...