May 14, 2011

Honey, honey, honey!!! I'm pretty sure Ellen Pompeo did not know what kind of hell she would unleash when she stopped by 'The View' for an appearance. Everything was going fine in the interview until she was asked about her character on 'Grey's Anatomy' trying to adopt an African baby. From there, the conversation turned back to a discussion the women were having during 'Hot Topics'. During the discussion, the women had talked about Jill Scott's 'Winced' article that she wrote for Essence Magazine (see video below). So of course Ms. Pompeo had to put her two cents in. She basically went on to say that until we get pass our divisions we will never be able to come together as a people. She then went further to elaborate on what she was saying by explaining how she didn't understand the need for the NAACP Image Awards or HBCU's. Here in lies the problem with her comments because of course she was a white woman in America would not understand the need for the NAACP Image Awards or Historical Black Colleges or Universities. When you are coming from a place of privilege (and yes being white in America is a place of privilege) of course you would not see the need for such things. I'm not upset with Ellen Pompeo for speaking her truth because as far as she is concerned that is the truth for her. But as a black woman in this country, I can honestly say that her truth is not my truth. I most certainly understand and appreciate HBCU's and the NAACP Image Awards. Because it is through these things that we are allowed to celebrate ourselves. You see when the world won't celebrate you sometimes you have to celebrate yourself.

The Ladies of 'The View' Discuss Jill Scott in 'Hot Topics'

In watching this video, I hate the fact that it was Whoopi that wouldn't let Sherri finish. People kill me talking about how we need to get over slavery, but yet they never want to address the remnants of slavery that still exist in this country. Systemic racism is the rule of law in this country. Racists today are not the Ku Klux Klan members of your grandparents day. Racists today wear suits and ties and use policies as nooses around your necks.


  1. I'm wondering what her husband had to say in response to her comment being that he's a Black man? I think that it's crazy she would even speak on the NAACP Image Awards or HBCUs being needed or not needed. Heck, doesn't she know that if it wasn't for the NAACP Image Awards, a lot black people wouldn't be watching Grey's Anatomy?

    She certainly crossed the line of this one and needs to take a step back and educate herself. There's already too little out there for Black people and she wants us give up more. SMH

  2. It's a less than 5 min conversation where 4 womem are talking over the top of her and trying to bring up multiple topics all at once. It would be one thing if she had a chance to sit down and discuss this without much interruption for 10 mins or so, to clarify or not have it jammed into a VERY brief, semi confusing segment, but this simply was not the case, and I don't think she can be judged for this. Seems like her heart is in the right place in terms of equality for all (though misguided as to how to go about it), but again, in that tiny segment of time and with 4 other women all talking on multi issues, how can it even be understandable in what she really means? This small segment hardly gave her a fair forum to say anything of meaning or even clarify herself, so I'm going to give her a pass on this. Though not articulating herself completely properly, I get what she is trying to say, the well meaningness (albeit naivety) behind it, and I truly believe she meant no harm at all. There's so many other who have taken stands to divide this country, this actress is not one of them, Give her a break? How does anyone get a word in edge-wise on that show. She came in to promote a TV show and they talked over her as they tried to get her to comment on a issue that takes more than 3 minutes and four women talking over you to truly express anyone's opinion about frankly.

  3. White women and black men? Haha.

  4. I think as a black person she is right, we have to get over slavery and to be honest the black people answering are to proud to see it, they want to feel special during all these 'black' event for example BET no one would like a white entertainment channel would they, and to be honest white oeople are entertained by black entertainment television, we are all human, some darker than the others we do the same thing so what is the point in all these division, black people in the world annoy me especially in america when once you have a bit of black in you you are considerred full black for crying out loud mixed race people arent black they are MIXED RACE!!!!!!!!!