May 31, 2011

LaShawna Threatt (left) and Ciera Williams were "play fighting" before falling through a window. Threatt was killed, Williams is in critical condition.

Via AJC:

The boyfriend of LaShawna Threatt said he grabbed on to the back of her hair as she was falling out of the W Atlanta-Midtown hotel.

Then he ran to the elevator to get outside and help Threatt, an aspiring model celebrating her 30th birthday that day.

“Thank God it wasn’t daytime; I would have jumped out, no question,” Ray Hamilton told the AJC. “I couldn’t see anything out that window, though, it was pitch black.”

Threatt and a friend, Cierra Williams fell from the 10th floor of the W around 3:15 a.m. Saturday. Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos said the two fell onto a slanted sunroof adjoining the hotel. Threatt stayed on the sunroof but Williams rolled off and onto the ground.

Williams remained in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital Monday.

Hamilton said he and six others had barely been in the hotel room for 10 minutes when the incident happened. They were returning to the room after dinner and then spending time on the hotel's rooftop.

“Everybody had just walked in and kicked off their shoes,” he said.

“There was no unruly activity, there was no one drunk, there was no party in the room,” he said.

Hamilton and another friend were standing next to Threatt and Williams, who were near the window, horseplaying, tickling each other and hugging, Hamilton said.

“LaShawna, she’s just a very affectionate person,” Hamiltion said.

Williams’ back was to the window, and Threatt was standing in front of her, Hamilton said.

“They leaned back a little bit, and they just went out,” he said.

Another friend in the room tried to grab Threatt’s arm.

Hamilton cut his hand on the glass while trying to hang on to his girlfriend to stop her from falling. Bleeding, he ran to the elevator and then outside.

“I come out of the door, see someone on the floor, and I just drop to the ground … I crawled over to her, covered her and said, ‘Hey, baby, stay with me, it’s going to be OK,” said Hamilton before he realized that the woman on the ground was Williams.

He stood up to look for Threatt but by that time Atlanta police officers had arrived.

“It’s been a nightmare for me,” Hamilton said. “How do two girls who weigh maybe 120 pounds a piece, standing at the window, build up enough force to not only break it but go out immediately?”


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