May 5, 2011

After careful consideration and spirited debate within his group advisors, President Obama has decided against the release of Osama bin Laden's death photos. This announcement contradicts the statement made by CIA director Leon Panetta who announced that the photos would be released.

One of the primary reasons why the President decided against releasing the photos is because he said they would be inflammatory. Now, of course this would leave an opening for conspiracy theorists who say that OBL really isn't dead.

So the question is: Does the American Public really need to see OBL's death photos?


  1. NEED to see Perhaps those who lost loved ones on that day might. Personally, I don't want to see such a picture. I don't need the visual. Our government is not perfect but I don't think they would lie about such a thing, nor do I think that our intelligience was that weak to get the wrong guy.

  2. There are so many conspiracy theorists in America that would still not believe it, even if a picture were shown. They would analyze the picture, then start saying it was a fake, like they've done with so many other pictures that have been released. I don't think the picture needs to be released for me to put trust in my President that he in fact is dead. Like Johanna said, I don't think they would lie about this, especially how with the sensitivity of the nature.

  3. What's the point of us seeing the photos?????? We've got greater issues at hand, why spend time demanding a photo of a dead man. Why aren't these same people demanding the troops come home!