Jun 7, 2011

Black women have often been made to feel as though we are the lowest rung on the totem pole in this country. According to the media, we're loud, classless, baby-making machines and Black men cannot get away from us quickly enough. We're often reminded how we fail to live up to the Eurocentric standard of beauty that is idolized here.

And we are reminded of our so-called shortcomings on a regular basis. One area that really stings is judgment about our hair. And we really get it from all sides. Black comedians make jokes about our hair being so short that we can't roll it on rice and a white radio host referred to the Black women of the Rutgers basketball team as nappy headed h***.

It amazes me that a woman of any other race/ethnicity with long hair is considered normal but a Black woman with long hair is automatically assumed to be wearing a weave or to be of mixed race and thus blessed with "good" hair. And sadly, we've been so programmed by these stereotypes, we also accept them as true.

I cannot tell you how many Black women I meet on a regular basis who say to me, "My hair won't grow." If you're alive and haven't been diagnosed with some medical condition that affects your body's ability to produce hair then YOUR HAIR IS ALWAYS GROWING. The problem for most Black women is not that their hair won't grow, it's that they are not RETAINING the length.

So why is it harder for Black women to retain length? The answer is two-fold: 1) we're using the wrong products and 2) we've been mis-educated about how to properly care for our hair. I'm living proof that when you use the right products and are educated about caring for your hair it can and will retain length.

After developing my own natural hair care products and learning to treat my hair well, I went from thinning, breaking, shoulder-length hair to healthy, thick, waist- length hair in less than a year. Now, I'm spreading the word to my sistas.

Join me here once a week as we look at the best ingredients for textured hair and healthy hair care tips. You can find out more about my hair care products on my website http://www.deeplyrootedbeauty.com/.


  1. I think one of the reasons black women can't seem to grow their hair is because of all the unnatural chemicals we introduce to our hair. Don't even get me started on relaxers.

    Is the goal for black women to have long hair or healthy hair? I think we get the two confused sometimes. i think people think because they have long hair that it's automatically healthy and a lot of times that is not the case.

    Thanks for your post on the topic.

  2. I used to work with a sister who had hair down to her behind and no, she was not "mixed" or "had indian in her family." She told me her secret was to stop using relaxers and to stop putting heat in her hair. She said at first it was coarser but after it got a certain length, it straightened out. Further, she kept her ends clipped. It also had to do with her diet and how much water she was drinking - to hydrate her body which her hair is also a part of.