Jun 2, 2011

I was over on Clutch magazine website and I ran across an article that really got me to thinking. The article is titled, "‘Single Ladies’ Sucks or Are We Insatiable?". In the article, the author basically talks about the all the criticism that the new VH1 show, "Single Ladies", received. I think the author had some really good points such as this one:

Perhaps we are insatiable. We ridicule Tyler Perry for his problematic depiction of Blacks. We rallied for The Game to be revived, but were disappointed when it went downhill at its new network, BET. We love to watch Basketball Wives, but hate that it has mirrored one of the constant images of Black women. Now people hate Single Ladies, too.

I wonder, ‘what type of show would make us happy?’ I also thought it ironic that the crowd throwing rotten tomatoes at Single Ladies had zero criticism for Sex and the City.

It amazes me that we are very critical of Tyler Perry and shows like 'Single Ladies' but yet we watch 'Basketball Wives' and 'Real Housewives of Atlanta.' We can't stand to see another 'Madea' movie but yet when movies like 'Akeelah and the Bee' (you know I always have to go back to this one), The Great Debaters, Eve's Bayou, Talk To Me, and Night Catches Us come out we don't support them.

Why did it take a campaign to get a show like 'The Game' picked up by BET? That show never would have been canceled had we supported it. Now we're complaining because it's on BET and it's not the same caliber show that it was when it was on the CW. Do we even know what type of show we are willing to watch?

So the question remains, "Do Black Folks know what they want from a TV Show/Movie?" And please don't hit me with that I'm looking for another Cosby Show or Different World because those shows have already been done to perfection. We need to think outside the box and get a little more imaginative.



  1. yeah interesting comparisons.......

    I look for entertainment in shows that I watch, PERIOD. If I can get something from it cool, if not still cool.

    For me, I'm glad there's an opportunity for some black actors/actress to get some work on a cable network show. Not too mention I hear Queen Latifah is attached to the project.

    I'm guilty of watching a few reality shows, I find them entertaining. They dont necessarily represent me and my friends or people I know. But I have to deal with enough real life situations, I watch tv to take my mind off my reality.

  2. I don't think that black people are insatiable. Clearly they are supporting these shows and not the other more positive shows and films. Unfortunately their support of these types of shows/films is larger than the critics. So that's what is steadily produced.

  3. Can we just get a show that doesn't depict us as all the stereotypes that have been made popular? And once those are taken care of can we please be rid of the Really Desperate Housewives of wherever-they-come-from?

    That is all I ask.

  4. Savvy I would agree with you,had you had another show to compare besides "Single Ladies", that show was horrible, I don't care who is behind it and who is starring in it,the show had no substance and the acting was BAD. I am one to watch shows for "entertainment purposes only" however this show was not entertaining. With some revamping, maybe it will be better. We cannot compare our shows with white shows because we are not them, they can make anything and I mean anything and it will be a hit, just because it is white,"Black Shows" have to be twice as good or even three times as good to get the same numbers they get.Sorry that is just the way of the TV watching world.

  5. I truly don't know what to say on this topic, because it's always something with black folks. We mad about crime yet we engage in it...mad about being single mothers yet we gap our legs and conjure up babies. Same thing with TV Shows...Tyler Perry gets a bad wrap but sometimes he deserves it. The Single Ladies show didn't hold my attention AT ALL. Not that it has to be fighting or cursing going on but damn the commentary and story line were awful (QUEEN LATIFAH FAILED)--but at least she tried. Tell you the truth I'm waiting for the day when reality shows will be a thing of the past, and family sitcoms will return that feature a diverse cast and audience. I watch Basketball Wives and Atlanta Housewives but it's solely scripted entertainment and I treat it as such. It's not changing my life one way or the other.I still watch 227, Living Single, Cosbys, In the Heat of the Night, Martin ect. I also watch Golden Girls to this day, and it's deemed as a white show but guess what? It's quality, humorous, and fit for all races, and that's what I look for in "TV PROGRAMMING"...Get it "Programming"....Bottom line people today are fickle, and can't be pleased. Black folk will always be our own worse enemies. BET is trash, MTV needs to go off air and VH1 has turned into the mall that white folks to use to go too. TVOne is the best thing going for quality TV. Seriously, we all need to pick up a book, and leave the brainwashing tube for the dumbed down.