Jun 14, 2011

On his Monday show, Fox Business host Eric Bolling apologized for his comments about President Obama.

"On Friday, we did a story about the president meeting with the president of Gabon," Bolling said. "We got a little fast and loose with the language, and we know it's been interpreted as being disrespectful, and for that, I'm sorry. We did go a bit too far."

In the words of Timbaland and OneRepublic, "It's too late to apologize. It's too late."

The fact that he can't even say the word racist is damn near laughable to me. Offensive? No, what you said was racist. It always kills me when people say some racist, offensive stuff and then they try to apologize in hopes that their apology will make you forget their pattern of saying racist, offensive stuff. Listen, if Fox Business News host, Eric Bolling, is sincere in his apology then good for him, but I still think he's just like every other person in this country that needs to be educated on people's culture so he can truly understand why that foolishness he said was racist and offensive. It's one thing to be told that something you said is racist and offensive; it's another for you to truly understand why it's racist and offensive. We have a lot of people that don't understand the WHY?

Check out the videos below that caused all the controversy:

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  1. You should not care, the apology is as diluted in meaning as the term racist.
    Should we care when the racist label is applied to everyone at some point simply by using slang that stereotypes a class within a race a people.
    If your site was called the savvy sister someone referring to it as the savvy sista could be labeled a racist, not according to the content of their character but according to the color of their skin.
    There are more people of color that pronounce it sister than those who pronounce it sista.
    Since how it my be perceived by another determines if it is racists then using the term sista promotes a racial stereotype implying the creators of this site are from the ghetto or poor southern locations.