Jun 9, 2011

The new Editor-in-Chief of Essence magazine, Constance R. White, took the time to pen a letter to the readers of the magazine.  In the letter she asked for suggestions about things the readers would like to see.  This is your chance to finally tell someone in charge how you really feel about the direction of 'the Black Woman's Bible.'
Read her letter below:
I am thrilled to write my first editor's letter to you, the readers of ESSENCE. Like many of you, I have a deep appreciation for the ways in which this magazine has celebrated us, elevated us, and represented our beauty and strength.

This month, as I step into the role of editor-in-chief, I want you to know that I am committed to working with our team to reflect the truth of our lives in words, images, and ideas that uplift and empower us rather than confine us and bring us down.

We look forward to bringing you such exclusives and surprises in every issue. In the meantime, leave a comment for me at
ESSENCE.com/editorsdesk and let me know how you're feeling about the magazine. Be sure to tell me what you love and what you'd like to see more of. I'll be counting on you in the months ahead to help us celebrate you and keep it real.

-- Constance C.R. White, Editor-in-Chief


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