Jun 23, 2011

It looks like someone in the faith community is willing to stand up and hold Bishop Long accountable. Bishop Paul Morton, senior pastor of Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church and Co-Pastor of Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church, called on Bishop Long to show 'humility' and tell those who have stood by him something. He asked Bishop Long to 'repent'.

He goes on to say that he cannot forgive somebody who does not repent.

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  1. Thank you Savvy Sista for posting this video and for weighing in on a story that needs to have a Biblical conclusion:REPENTANCE!!Thank you Bishop Paul Morton for having the courage to do what no one else has.........speak the Biblical truth!!!!I am told Eddie has not so much as even apologized to his congregation let alone repented.This is just so sad!!Whatever happens to Mr. Long will be by his own doing.Perhaps what is so telling is that he really does NOT believe in the God he teaches about...the God of second chances!!Is this more about the fear of having to give up his lavish lifestyle??Mmmm...this just makes me sad.Is anyone thinking of the flock,the four young men,Eddie's own children?Apparently not Eddie.He told the church it is time to move on and sadly many of them agree,but this is NOT scriptural!!
    This is the beginning of the end for Eddie Long At New Birth if he does not repent!!!